10/50 Clearing Regulations Changed

Regulations updated and zones reviewed

The NSW Government have changed 10/50 regulations to limit the actions of “unscrupulous people” According to Hornsby Shire Mayor Steve Russell.

If your house lies in a “10/50 Vegetation Clearing Entitlement Area” you are entitled to clearing regulations that you otherwise would not be allowed.

The regulations were introduced for the safety of people who live near the bush but can conflict with the leafy lifestyle our community endorses.

Residents who live close to the bush are allowed to clear trees that lie within 10 metres of their house and are on their property.

Underlying vegetation and shrubs that lie on a person’s property and within 50 metres of the house are also subject to clearing if the owner so chooses.

Most people who move to areas near the bush do so because they love living amongst our majestic, natural environment. These clearing laws originally opened avenues for people to clear vegetation for other purposes, for example enabling views and general backyard order.

Actions like this are out of step with our community’s values and we should be fighting to keep the environment as untouched as possible.

Alterations have reduced certain regulations for Category One and Two vegetation entitlements as the Government has aimed to bring parameters back in step with community values.

“This means that Council’s Tree Preservation Order once again applies to the majority of properties,” believes Hornsby Shire Mayor Steve Russell.

“This is very good news, as it allows those who are genuinely at risk of bushfire to protect themselves while limiting the actions of unscrupulous people who have been removing trees for other purposes.

“Hornsby Shire Council wrote one of the 1,800 submissions detailing flaws in the legislation and it’s very gratifying to see the NSW Government listen to the community.”

Hefty fines are given to those who do not properly adhere to the regulations.

The NSW Rural Fire Service and the Department of Planning and Environment are expected to complete a wider review of the current legislation in the first half of 2015.

Further information about the 10/50 laws, including entitlement areas, can be found at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au.

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