$2.68million for bush-fire threatened areas in NSW

Commonwealth-State joint-funding announcement

Picture from Black Saturday Bushfires

The Federal Member for Bradfield, Paul Fletcher, has welcomed a Government initiative aiming to protect bushfire-prone areas of NSW.

Ku-Ring-Gai’s Clissold Golden Jubilee Track will receive the supplementary funding of $140,900 as one of 126 projects to maintain vital fire trails, state-wide.

“The Australian Government is supporting New South Wales to boost resilience of communities to future events,” Mr Fletcher said.

Projects are jointly supported by Commonwealth-State Government funding and contributions from recipients under the National Disaster Resilience Program which has provided NSW with $13.5 million since 2014.

Mr Fletcher also stated that while the nature and size of the country’s landscape meant that natural hazards were a fact of life in Australia, more needed to be done to manage natural disasters.

He has thereby embraced today’s announcement of the contribution to Ku-Ring-Gai, hoping that the funding can aid Wahroonga and the wider community in becoming “more resilient and better prepared to prevent and lessen the impact of bushfires.”

“Natural disasters can have an enormous impact on our economy and cripple businesses and communities,” he said.

However, the funding of such projects will aid Northern Sydney’s infrastructure and, at the very least, mitigate further bush-fire threat.

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