Back to back wins for Knox

A grand finale to the CAS season

The final round of the CAS rugby competition; the arch nemesis match-up between Knox Grammar and Barker College, was won convincingly by a much more physical Knox side.

Knox WinnersFrom the onset, Barker looked to be under pressure, the first kick off being called knocked on against Nic Burkett, after he was taken out mid-air.

The scrums were under pressure too, either side crumbling under the force. Knox conceded a penalty on the third scrum for collapsing.

The first 10 minutes was characterised by Knox attack; Barker holding strong in defence until yielding a soft try to second rower Milan Basson, off a lineout 10 metres out.

However, Barker managed to respond with intensity. Forward momentum opened up avenues for attacking line-running from Sean Campbell.

A penalty kick attempt was missed to the right, allowing for Knox to form a threatening looking attack. A deep kick was picked up by Sean Hasegawa safely and lead to a solid looking chip and chase counterattack.

Hands in the ruck against the Knox forwards allowed for David Balcomb to slot his second penalty attempt.

But Knox returned immediately after the kick off, unpreparedness and sloppy defence from Barker allowing another try to Milan Basson.

Knox vs BarkerWith Barker in shock, the Knox side scored another try, James Armstrong breaking from outside centre for a big run up the middle of the field for certain points.

Yet again, odds stacked against them, the Barker team pushed back for an age, maintaining strong grinding attack. Holding Knox in their 22, the Barker forwards, especially Tim Pearson, Jono Green and Nic Burkett eroding the Knox defence slowly through consistent hit ups.

A lineout 5 metres out was held up, Knox’ defensive line looked to be a promising attempt at a try but was held up.

However, after numerous attempts, Jono Green finally found a hole in the defence, scoring to the left of the posts.

The score was now 21-10 and both teams looked to have a good chance in this game.

The half ended with another penalty slotted by David Balcomb of Barker, the scores now 21-13.

The first 10 minutes of the first half were highly fragmented as the referee began to tighten on every offence.

Knox wins the dayA strange yet smart lineout move was pulled off by the Knox forwards after attacking prowess pushed them into the Barker 22. The two lifters held the jumper in the air with the ball so that the Barker forwards could not steal the ball, allowing time for his forwards to set a maul. This tactical positioning allowed Knox to drive the ball over the Barker line for yet another try.

Barker returned with a threatening looking forward surge of play. Still the Knox team managed to come out on top, stripping the ball from the ruck, popping to Jake Pierce in space for a full field run and try.

And again, pressure was applied to the Barker side for a minimal period until another hole was found by Brett Van Zyl, bringing the score up to 42-13.

Barker managed to lift their heads and keep on testing Knox, kicking the ball deep into Knox’s territory. Yet again, a coursing counterattack led to another try for Knox. This time the honours going to Connor Watson from fly-half.

Once again, Barker looked eager for another try, applying pressure in the Knox 22 for an age. Finally the pressure paid off as sloppy play lead to a stray ball, picked up by David Smerdon for the second Barker try.

In finale, Knox turned around off the kick off and scored yet another try against a now beaten Barker side.

56-18 was the final score.

A massive beating will be something both teams can roll off for next year. This excellent match between two great team was a well-spirited end to the season.

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