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We talk to Utter DECLUTTER

Apartment on Liberty Street before utterDECLUTTER.

As the New Year starts many people think about cleaning-up, sorting-out and getting on-top of the stuff that surrounds them in their homes.

Some people keep on top of the clutter by constantly battling it, but for some people, sometimes, it gets beyond them. When that happens, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Daniel Shanahan is one such professional. He runs a business called utterDECLUTTER which specialises in sorting-out, cleaning-up, organising and de-cluttering homes, particularly homes which are about to go on sale.

Daniel Shanahan from utterDECLUTTER
Daniel Shanahan from utterDECLUTTER

“I’ve seen, time and time again, the utter confusion and overwhelm people get themselves into when faced with a major change such as selling their home, downsizing or dealing with the, sometimes sudden, situation of needing to sort the family home when an elderly parent dies or has to move into a retirement or aged care facility.”

Daniel is an irrepressible evangelist for his business. He knows that he provides a great service and takes time to explain what he can do and why it will make a difference. Flicking wildly at his mobile phone to find photos, he brings-up example after example of how his business has made a difference to people and their properties adding value through his work.

Some of the clean-ups and tidy-ups are simple. Making good homes look fabulous. Daniel has loads of energy a great team of “de-clutter experts” and a phone book of trades people that he knows and trusts, built over twenty years.

Liberty Street after utterDECLUTTER have done their stuff.
Liberty Street after utterDECLUTTER have done their stuff.

But sometimes, Daniel is not faced with a simple clean-up; sometimes it can be a lot more significant. When things get out of hand with some people, it gets badly out of hand. Hoarders are treated with sympathy and respect as Daniel and his team get a place back in to control. Removing the dirt, grime and piles and piles of “stuff”, replacing it with a clean, fresh look.

Coming in to a property with SWAT-like precision, the utterDECLUTTER team strip-out, scrub-down, clean-up and re-present a property in a day or two. The change that they make to a property can be breath taking.

The bottom line for Daniel is adding value to a property which he does with a single-minded purpose.

utterDECLUTTER can be contacted at: 0488 800 547

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