Beautiful automobiles at Cavallino

Cavallino cars & coffee

Cavallino Cars & Coffee had its end of year event this weekend and it was huge. Where else could you see a Ford Anglia cheek by jowl with a Herschel Carrera?

Cavallino Cars & Coffee was conceived by Alessio Iera, Luke O’Neill and Lido Russo early in 2014. These gentlemen simply wanted to get together with nice cars and drink good coffee on a Sunday morning; the event has grown in to a large gathering that stops the traffic in Terry Hills.

Cavalino - Ford GT40
Enthusiasts chat about a classic Ford GT40

I have been to their monthly meetings, held on the first Sunday of the month from 8:00am until 10:00am and the common thread between all the cars is that they are simply nice cars.

Yes, you can hear a lot of technical enthusiasts chatting “Oh yes, the wire wheels are really sought after”, “I know the M-series is good, I prefer the …”

People are happy for visitors to take photos of their cars and so there are a lot of cameras from iPhones to high end gear being used from kids to retirees.

This week, there was a heritage Bentley within fifty feet of a brand new Pegani Zonda. I spied a pair of Czechoslovakian Trebants and half a dozen brand new Lamborghini. Soft top Aston Martins were parked beside high end Mercedes. And beautiful cars kept on pouring in. Young men were driving Evo’s and Subrau WRX, others were coming in their Porsches and Ferrari. No car is unwelcome and everyone stands around, looks at some great cars and enjoys being out and about on a Sunday morning.

The engine of a heritage Bentley on display at Cavallino Cars & Coffee
The engine of a heritage Bentley on display at Cavallino Cars & Coffee

The crossroads between the Cavallino restaurant and Kaiser Stubn was at a complete standstill as beautiful cars moved in and out of the area. But, despite the chaos, it was all done in a safe and friendly way. Everyone was there just to look at some beautiful automobiles.

This is a highly recommended way to start a Sunday morning. I’d recommend getting there early so that you can park within a couple of blocks of the restaurant.

For more details, keep an eye on the Cavallino website.

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