Bicycles for humanity – a great initiative

Recycle your old bikes in St Ives

When you come across a rusty container at the back of a park, it’s not usually a good sign. This time however, it was. Bicycles for Humanity is a great initiative where old bikes that are no longer used here in Australia are recycled and given to communities in need in Africa. At the back of the main oval in St Ives Showgrounds, Kuringai Council have made available space where two large shipping containers are located. Those containers will be packed full of used bicycles that are no longer required by riders in Australia and will be shipped off to Africa where they will be used by local riders.

“Our bikes change lives by increasing access to education, employment and health care through improved mobility and self-empowerment.

In Namibia shipping containers become pre-built bicycle workshops providing employment opportunities and empowering these communities to sustain their own fleet of bikes. We have assisted establishment of the Karasburg Bicycle Empowerment Centre in Southern Namibia and sent containers of bikes to restock existing workshops across Namibia.”

Bicycles for Humanity had a successful collection drive on March 15th when they received nearly 1,000 bikes. They will be having a follow-up collection drive on May 17th at the St Ives Showgrounds. This is the only drop-off location in Sydney for this program.

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