Bobs knocked out of Rugby Finals Series by UNSW

Shock loss 15:0

The Barker Old Boys Colts must have been feeling confident as they descended the long staircase to the Macquarie University main oval, to face a determined looking UNSW team; BOBs had beaten UNSW on the last two meetings.

The game opened, Bobs receiving the kick off and returning with solid forward phase play for a gruelling 5 minutes before conceding a scrum which was dominated by UNSW and possession was stolen.

The UNSW forwards returned play in to the Bobs half, pushing back with short static charges from flanker, (7) and prop, (1). A concentrated effort moved the UNSW pack into the Barker 22 for an age of scrums.

UNSW Working hard on the try line, prior to scoring their first points
UNSW Working hard on the try line, prior to scoring their first points

Scrupulously tight refereeing at scrum time gave the UNSW forwards numerous attempts to score at the try line, but their efforts were stopped time and time again by Barker flankers, James Mcgowan and Jeff Gregory.

Both teams’ open-side flankers were yellow carded near the BOBs try line, for not rolling in the ruck and killing the play of the ball.

The final scrum of this period ended with the UNSW number 8 finally busting over for the first try of the game.

After the kick off, a clearance kick from the UNSW half was picked up by the capable hands of BOB’s Alex Nichols in fullback gave Nichols a chance to demonstrate his signature break-away-run formed from almost nothing.

Whilst trying to react to Nichol’s break, Bobs spread thinly across the field which made it easy for UNSW to turn over the ball from the unaccompanied Nichol’s.

UNSW winger, (14) broke down the right wing and almost made it to the corner, only to be stopped by Nichols, who had recovered quickly enough to make it to the opposite end of the field.

The Bobs held strong in defence as the relentless attack from UNSW pounded at the wall of BOBs defenders.

This time, the Barker Old Boys managed to turn the ball over and push once again into the UNSW 22 off the back of ball-running from outside backs, Anthony Knox and Alex Nichols.

Choosing to keep the ball in the forwards once in the 22, it should have only been a matter of time until one of the numerous attempts made it through the UNSW defence. Hayden Burns, Matt Clout and Ben Whitford leaving their mark with a great show of physicality.

A draining attempt at the line seemed lost as UNSW managed to turn it over and clear, however a shanked kick left it inside their 22. More anxious attacking minutes played out, but the half was brought to an end before either team could capitalise.

5:0 at half time to UNSW

Starting the second half, an over exerted kick-off from UNSW was left to go dead, leading to a scrum won by the Bobs forwards on halfway.

Very wet conditions on the oval, were a feature of the day.
Very wet conditions on the oval, were a feature of the day.

However, not long into the return, UNSW halfback, (9) pulled off a cheeky chip and chase, which was picked up by winger, (14) who scored easily for UNSW.

With the conversion the score was now 12-0 to UNSW, but the Bobs did not yet look beaten with 30 minutes still left in the game.

Off the kick-off, UNSW fullback faked a clearance kick, before spreading the ball wide for a good break from outside centre, (13). Bringing the ball all the way back to the Bobs 22, another penalty for not rolling in a ruck allowed UNSW an attempt at goal.

Successfully scoring, UNSW had put themselves more than 2 converted tries in the lead, but there was still time left in the game.

From here, the game became a very physical affair. Both packs would take turns running at each other with little return or benefit as their defensive lines held strong.

The UNSW flanker (6), Prop (1) and number 8 were making some solid metres when they received the ball, but the metres would be won back when Jono Green, Matt Clout and Hayden Burns were allowed a turn at attack.

Frustration boiled over on the field, as the Bobs tempers flared at the smallest incident. UNSW did well to not react, merely needing to hold onto their lead.

Sending-off the UNSW fly-half (10) and BOBs winger, Adam Wholohan, with a yellow card for a fight which broke out in a ruck, the referee brought the game to an end a few minutes later.

The UNSW side went crazy as soon as they heard the whistle as it meant they had won their position in the grand final.

Final score 15:0 to UNSW.

The Bobs side looked more frustrated than tired, a good season ending on tough terms against a side they knew they should have beaten.

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