Bobs vs Forest – Barraclough Grand Final

Massive clash and considerable scoreline

The 2015 rugby season came to an end for the two top teams of the division 2 competition on Saturday 29th August, with a massive clash between BOBs and Forest resulting in a considerable score line.

The first half was where the damage was done, Forest pulling together in miraculous style, having overcome the odds throughout the weeks leading up to the final and using their acquired momentum to carry them through this pinnacle game.

A quick succession of tries and a penalty in the Bobs 22, slotted by fly half Ryan Butcher brought the score to 16-0 within the first 15 minutes.

Forest looked unlikely to release their established grip on the game, attacking on both wings before a short break from fullback Thomas Carruthers and a perfectly placed inside ball put outside centre Jamie Horton into a gaping hole for another try.

Bobs managed to hold on somewhat while whatever they threw at Forest was foxed by the boys in green, strong defensive efforts from outside backs Nathan Malcolm, Lachlan McIntyre and Hugh Doran were notable.

Forest vs BOBsHowever, Forest proved to be an overwhelming force before the half was up. Bobs looked to clear the ball in the dying minutes but the kick was charged down, picked up well by fullback Hugh Doran, but he was left without support and taken back behind the try line for a scrum five metres out to Forest.

The gigantic number 8, Patrick Maile broke off the back of this scrum and drove his way over the line for the final try of the half.

At the half, the score was 29-0.

The Old boys looked more assertive walking into the second half, setting up lines for winger Nathan Malcolm, second rower Jordy Smith and flanker Ben Pearson to attack at a solid wall of defence.

But, yet again, Forest pulled something from nothing, chipping a box kick short to the unmarked left-winger Michael Dalton, who easily ran it in for the try.

Bobs again didn’t let this get them down, returning aggressively through centre Scott England.

The phase immediately after a solid break from England saw Second rower Jordy Smith break three tackles before offloading to flanker Sam Jenkins who looked to be tackled but managed to offload. The recipient, fly half Steven Hayter collected the ball and ran over for the Bobs first try, bringing the scores to 36-7.

This looked to be what was needed, but was also too late in the piece for the Bobs. After the restart, another great break was made by winger Lachlan McIntyre, looking good for another try until reserve Vicken Manougian pulled off a ridiculous cover tackle, crushing dreams and saving his team.

At this stage of the game, tempers were noticeably flared, the red and yellow cards list growing to at least two or three cards per team at one stage. All cards awarded were for throwing punches and other associated misdemeanours, which had the sideline in absolute uproar.

Using the break in the play and the acquired field position, the Bobs spread the ball wide to second rower Jordy Smith who ran over the line on a deserted wing.

The Bobs’ game finally seemed to be coming together at this stage, organising a good phase of attack until a loose pass went backwards and was picked up by Forest reserve Vicken Manouigian.

Ruled as having occurred in general play and therefore not offside, Manouigian broke away before offloading to fullback Thomas Carruthers for the final try of the game.

The final score was 41-14, a considerable score line for finals footy.

Both the Bobs and Forest have exhibited intense levels of skill all season and both uniforms appear to have great prospects lying ahead.

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