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Non-alcoholic beer II

October 19, 2015
We have tested non-alcoholic beers previously, so these two beers to add nicely to that group and bring our tested total up to round dozen non-alcoholic beers. Both beers are great brews for summer and readily available […]

Tandoori and Curry Club

October 18, 2015
The Tandoori and Curry Club is run by Tommy and his wife. Tommy is a gentle and unassuming man that is a great example of quiet success. Starting out his restaurant career as a dish […]

Chicken & Sons

October 15, 2015
Just as it says on the label Chicken & Sons is a chicken shop, but it’s not your ordinary chicken shop. This place is shabby chic, white tiles and monochrome fittings; a really nice place […]

Noodle City, Gordon

October 12, 2015
What do say about a restaurant where you have dined dozens of times? My kids have grown-up eating at Noodle City. It is a place so familiar to me that I find it hard to […]
Food & Drink

Central Otago wine tasting

October 4, 2015
She who must be obeyed booked us into the Central Otago Pinot wine tasting at the Royal Automobile Club in Sydney recently. It was hosted by the Pinot Shop, Tasmania. It was a wet and […]
Feature Article

The BoVine Brasserie

September 1, 2015
The BoVine Brasserie in St Ives is new, opening in June 2015. It is a restaurant that serves meat. Grilled steaks, ribs and high end burgers. BoVine says it “brings an elegant steakhouse dining experience […]

The Fish Café by Balgowlah Seafood

August 30, 2015
I have eaten at the Fish Café by Balgowlah Seafood many times. We’re a small group of grumpy old men that get together for lunch three or four times per year and it’s almost always […]
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