Premier League Preview – Round 10

June 2, 2016

Well, that was an interesting round of football in the Premier League last week. A change at the top of the table and a log-jam of teams in the top half as well as a scrap […]


Kissing Point vs Northbridge at Auluba

May 31, 2016

A classic game of Premier League football between Northbridge and Kissing Point. A ten-man Northbridge managed to hold Kissing Point to a three-all draw. Kissing Point came into this match backed up by a six-match […]


Premier League Football – Week 9 Preview

May 27, 2016

Hello fellow football fans, apologies for the absence for the last couple of weeks, but the day job gets in the way occasionally. We are now on week 9 and things are starting to get […]


Premier League – Round 6

May 6, 2016

Premier League Round 5 was an interesting round. Kissing Point move from four to two on the table. North Sydney manage to drop from two to six and the match between Knox and Chatswood Rangers […]


Premier League Round 5

April 29, 2016

So round 4 of the NSFA Premier League is done and dusted. I managed to predict four out of five matches last week, let’s see if the formula is any good for round 5. West […]


Premier League round 4

April 22, 2016

Last week’s Premier League football was good one for me. I managed to watch four teams play and I got more predictions right than wrong. So here’s my look at the Premier League round 4. […]

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