Premier League Analysis – Round 14

July 17, 2015
Another great weekend of football last week and only four or five more games for each time left this year. There is a great fight for honours unfolding at the top of the league as […]

Premier League Football: Lindfield vs Dalleys

July 15, 2015
The game between Lindfield FC and Willoughby Dalleys was played under lights on Charles Bean Oval. Both teams were well prepared and the weather was cold. Perfect conditions for football. Both teams started well, lots […]

Football: Old Barker vs Kissing Point

July 7, 2015
Once a year in the July school holidays, Barker College turns its grounds over to rugby and football teams in its Old Boy network. This weekend was the turn of Barker Old Boys rugby (BOBs) […]

Premier League Analysis

July 3, 2015
Two thirds of the way through the season and things are starting to hot-up in the Premier League. There are six games to go for all teams plus a catch-up match for eight out of ten […]

Football: Lindfield vs North Sydney

July 2, 2015
Tonight promised to be a good game of football under lights between two quality Premier League sides and both sides delivered. Coming in to the match this evening, Lindfield had won four of their last […]

Maccabi Northside vs Willoughby Dalleys

July 1, 2015
Northside Monash looked ready for this game; practicing up until the very last moment. Dalleys had a much more relaxed, almost party-like atmosphere. However there are calls of “no excuses today” from the Dalleys fans […]

Premier League Analysis – Round 10

June 17, 2015
Some good football on the weekend; several interesting upsets a couple of interesting draws and a change of leadership at the top of the table. Berowra 0 Lane Cove 2 Lindfield 0 Kissing Point 2 […]
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