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School 87 Memorial Avenue St Ives Chase NSW 2075 Work Phone: 02 9144 7743 Website: St Ives North website


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St Ives North Public School is located in the leafy north shore of the Sydney Metropolitan Area adjoining the Ku-ring-gai National Park. The local area is characterised by well established homes in a traditional suburban setting. The school was established in 1961 and is committed to maintaining both academic and personal excellence in learning and life. The school has an increasingly diverse school population with students from over twenty different ethnic backgrounds. A feature of the school is the Ku-ring-gai Unit for gifted and talented students which is now in its twentieth year of operation. This program offers a four year enrichment and extension program for students in a dynamic environment. The school has a strong technology and student welfare focus with a range of programs to enhance the self esteem of the students and to ensure that St Ives North is a safe and happy place of learning. The school and the parent community have established strong and effective partnerships and is committed to providing quality programs that are relevant to the needs and aspirations of students and responsive to the expectations of the community.

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