All Costumes Great and Small

Bollywood, Burlesque, Halloween costumes to take your fancy

“All Costumes Great and Small” is a quaint costume store located on Redleaf Avenue, Wahroonga catering for all ages and occasions. From a fantastical array of 1950’s fancy dress, to colourful Bollywood costumes, Burlesque dancer get-ups and the most scary and spooky of Halloween outfits, it’s no wonder the store has been the go-to place for local children, youth, families and even professional party planners and entertainers for almost 12 years.

Crop4Stepping inside, the interior of the store is a captivating place, giving growing feelings equivalent to your very first visit to a candy store. Its history and family-like feel makes you feel right at home, and the staff are always friendly and offer advice and assistance on whatever your party outfit needs may be. Depending on what you are looking for, a costume hire is generally $65 whereas purchasing a costume is between $20 to $1000 depending entirely on the quality and detail of the outfit.

The online store layout is professional and detailed; the perfect site to visit when browsing for something fanciful to wear to your next party. With a vast selection of different options, customers are able to purchase their outfits online with the option of same day delivery, next day delivery or a store pick-up. “All Costumes” also ships internationally, providing an impressive flexibility to its customers. The online store also has a “Chat to Us” option which allows you to talk to the very enthusiastic staff and shop owners who are generally able to have a chat and answer any of your questions.

Overall, the impressive longevity of “All Costumes Great and Small” is reflected in the hard-working shop owners who are always keeping a keen eye on newer and greater things that people are looking for. Whether it’s for a costume party, or if you just like dressing up, “All Costumes Great and Small” is the perfect option for the frequenters of the Kuringai region’s consumer needs.

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