Council approves St Ives graffiti removal program

Private property owners in St Ives will now have access to a new graffiti removal program spearheaded by local Rotary volunteers

Following on from the success of a similar program operating in Lindfield, Turramurra, Killara and Roseville, St Ives Rotary will now team up with Lindfield Rotary to further extend the clean-up program.

The Council met this week to consider a new graffiti removal policy outlining the Rotary program. The program is being supported by the Council through a community grant and equipment.

Mayor Jennifer Anderson
Mayor Jennifer Anderson

Mayor Jennifer Anderson said graffiti removal by the Council was focused on public buildings, footpaths and street furniture. “I welcome the willingness of the Rotary volunteers to extend the clean-up to private property-owners who have need of it.”

The Mayor said the Council budget for graffiti removal was currently around $150,000 a year, excluding grants given to the Rotary-based program.

“Unfortunately our graffiti budget can’t cover privately owned buildings but we believe this program is an excellent way of meeting their needs as well.”

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