Council decision on mini-wheels at St Ives Showground

Club's license will not be renewed

Ku-ring-gai Council will help the Mini-Wheels club find a new home in order to protect critically endangered vegetation.

The mini-wheels club trains young motorcycle riders between the ages of 4 and 21 years of age during winter months at the St Ives Showground, along with conducting trial events.

However their training site is also the location of an area of the Duffys Forest and Coastal Upland Swamp Endangered Ecological Communities, protected by state and federal law.

At its meeting this week the Council considered a detailed report on the environmental assessment of the site, which found that protection for Duffys Forest and Coastal Upland Swamp needed to be strengthened.

The main risk posed to the Duffys Forest and Coastal Upland Swamp by the club’s activities is erosion and disturbance of the soil.

As a result the club’s licence will not be renewed after March 2016 and an alternative training site will be sought.

Mayor Jennifer Anderson said the Council was sympathetic to the club’s situation and would work with club members to find an alternative site.

“However we have to abide by the findings of the independent environmental assessment of the area, which states these endangered vegetation communities are at risk.”

“We have around nine months to assist the club to find a new site. Council staff have already identified several alternative locations and will discuss these options with club members”.

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