Crackdown on illegal dumping

A side-effect of the 10/50 regulations

David Beharrell with some of the illegally dumped mulch at Pennant Hills Park

Hornsby Shire Council has launched a vigorous campaign against the illegal dumping of mulch and is calling for public help, following a recent spike in the number of incidents.

The surge in illegal dumping is attributed to the new 10/50 laws introduced by the NSW Government and the resulting increase in tree clearing.

“There are a number of shonky operators who are clearing trees for people and then simply dumping the refuse on public land,” Council’s natural resources operations manager David Beharrell said.

“The people they are doing this for are not only being ripped off, they could also be held responsible for the illegal dumping.

“When somebody takes rubbish away from your property you remain legally responsible for it until it is properly disposed of at a licensed facility.”

If somebody is transporting waste on your behalf make sure you keep records including details of the person who transported it and their vehicle, where the waste was taken and copies of any dockets or receipts.

“Illegal dumping is not just an ugly scar on our landscape, it is also very harmful to the native environment we have worked so hard to preserve,” David said.

Council has installed cameras at dumping hotspots and increased patrols to catch perpetrators, but help is also needed from the public.

“Please report any incidents of illegal dumping as soon as possible by phoning Council’s Waste Hotline on 9847 4856,” David said.

“It will be even better if you can tell us any details about the vehicle, including the registration number and any company logo.

“If you manage to get a photo with your phone we’ll have the best possible chance of making these people pay for their crime against the community.”

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