Debut performance for local talent

Katie Duckworth performs at Eastern Lounge

Katie Duckworth live at Eastern Lounge on Friday 13th June

On the Eve of Friday the 13th of June, The Eastern Lounge hosted another great night of live music. The ‘Girls Only’ event drew a sizeable crowd on the dreaded 13th day, which was also on a full moon! The first act was the debut performance of youngen, Katie Duckworth introduced by David Keogh the MC.

Supported by piano player and close friend Lucy Duff the duo made the debut performance a very special one, lighting up the room with a strong musical partnership. Katie’s voice is hard to characterise but is emotively driven which made the performance that much stronger. A static stage performance was still able to connect with the audience as the songs flowed over them, quite apparently exhibiting a very strong vocal range and ability of this young singer.

No matter how many words you say to someone, nothing sticks to you emotionally like a song…

Katie finished her schooling at Ravenswood School for Girls in Gordon in 2013. On being asked about where her talent first flourished Katie said, “School was definitely where I came out of my shell with music” yet surprisingly, she only started taking singing lessons in year 10.

When asked what her goal would be musically for the future Miss Duckworth replied, “music for me would never be a profession” but it is just a strong passion and hobby for this talented musician. However, performing is highly important to her; “my biggest goal would be to be able to perform anywhere on the planet that will have me, so I can share my voice.”

Katie DuckworthThe multi-talented teen is taking on the early stages of her musical career, which appears to be headed for success, concurrently with beginning a degree in Commerce at UTS in the city.

The emotional effect of her performances is what is most important to the young musician. “I honestly think music is the best way to express how you are feeling. No matter how many words you say to someone, nothing sticks to you emotionally like a song.” She also believes that her ability to connect with a crowd and form that emotional effect is another great passion of her talent.

Katie is keen to return to the Eastern Lounge whenever they will have her. “The audience was fantastic, the people were so friendly and catered for everything and helped calm me and Lucy” prior to their performance. The evening and the fact that such emerging talent choose to debut at the Eastern Lounge is definitely indicative of the venues growing, local reputable popularity.

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