Din Tai Fung

World-renowned dumpling restaurant

Din Tai Fung dumpling masters make their signature dishes with scientific precision

Chatswood is an altar to the food it so deliciously encompasses, blending Asian flavours with its newly emerging café culture. Here we look at Din Tai Fung. 

Din Tai Fung is a world-renowned dumpling restaurant. Kind of like the more sophisticated and better dressed Eastern cousin of McDonalds. With a name that translates to “small eats” it ensures it delivers with elegantly proportioned works that dance tenderly with the senses. The place is not to be missed.

“Din Tai Fung has a signature point of difference in that our dumplings are made with scientific precision. Every dumpling pastry is delicately handmade to measure between 4.8 and 5.2 grams at conception, with a 6 cm diameter before being stuffed and folded 18 times to weigh between 20.8 to 21.2 grams.”

And you can watch it all happen before your eyes.

A team of dumpling masters operate in clear view of diners with only a wall of glass separating them from the inquisitive gaze of young and old alike. The interior design is simple yet powerful and the infusion of green adds a balance and harmony that is reflective of the dumpling art. Staff are efficient and friendly although their dead pan use of walkie-talkies incites a giggle.

Crab Meat and Roe with Pork dumpling
Crab Meat and Roe with Pork dumpling

Growing up in the care of my Chinese grandmother I have had my fair share of dumplings and Din Tai Fung does not disappoint. ‘Crab Meat and Roe with Pork’ dumpling are particularly delicious and one piece of the ‘Crumbed Chicken Fillet, Taiwanese Specialty’ will leave even the most dubious of chicken fans wanting more.

The drinks menu is quite exciting with the fresh juice arriving in traditional milk shake glasses and providing a beautiful contrast to the savoury flavours.

When eating at dumpling restaurants it is best to order a variety of dishes and eat small portions of everything so a more holistic experience is enjoyed. The noodles in particular offer a fantastic sharing experience with smaller bowls supplied and the wonton soups are as Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain describes, “the one dish he would travel half way around the world to eat.”

Din Tai Fung is also innovative and although I didn’t try them, I would love to have their ‘Dumpling Gems’ next time. These are an assortment of seven naturally coloured dumplings with flavours ranging from garlic pork (sapphire) to bolognaise (ruby).

This was a rewarding lunch and functioning from 1 Anderson Street in Westfield is an easy place to get to whether by car or public transport. For lovers of dumplings I would also recommend New Shanghai in Chatswood Chase and Kam Fook (yumcha) on the 5th floor of Westfield.

Din Tai Fung is a restaurant that combines both the traditional art of dumpling making with the quintessential care towards customer service. It blends flavour with comfort and in any case lends itself as a perfect dining selection.

Just remember to leave your walkie-talkies at home. You don’t want to be interfering with the signals of the staff.

Din Tai Fung – Chatswood
1 Anderson St, Westfield
Tel: 02 9415 3155

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