Dying Hoop Pine to be removed

Fungal attack in Beecroft

Hornsby Shire council announced today that it will soon remove a Hoop Pine from Beecroft because it is dying and has become dangerous. It is thought that it could be dying due to a fungal infection and it is hoped that removing the tree will prevent the fungal infection from spreading to other trees in the area.

Diseased Hoop Pine tree in Wongala Crescent, Beecroft
Diseased Hoop Pine tree in Wongala Crescent, Beecroft

“We genuinely hate removing trees, but in this case there is no choice,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Steve Russell said.

“The tree is right next to a bus stop in Wongala Crescent and it is too risky to leave it in place when people are constantly standing underneath it.”

Local residents would be aware that there are lot of works in the area, particularly around the entrance to the train station and therefore removal of this tree and planting of another will be best for the Beecroft environment in the long term.

Council have said that the replacement tree will be planted nearby.



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