Echo Point Park seawall rebuilt

Council completes reconstruction of the seawall at the popular East Roseville park

The Council has completed reconstruction of the seawall that protects a popular local park in East Roseville.

The project was completed last month at a cost of $130,000. Echo Point Park is at the end of Babbage Road in East Roseville facing onto Middle Harbour and is one of the few waterfront parks in Ku-ring-gai.

The seawall was first constructed in 1924 and due to its age, was considered to be of heritage significance. It originally formed part of the Roseville Baths and the first Roseville Bridge which have both since been demolished.

The popular Echo Pint cafe and boat shed near the new seawall.
The popular Echo Pint cafe and boat shed near the new seawall.

When first built, the seawall extended the foreshore by around 700 square metres to fit the pool, diving tower and timber deck that formed the Roseville Baths.

On the recommendation of a heritage consultant, a photographic record of the seawall was made before reconstruction.

Last year the Council also renewed existing playground equipment in Echo Point Park and added new features and landscaping. Where possible blocks from parts of the original seawall were conserved and used in the upgrade .

For more information about Echo Point Park visit under Current Projects and Priorities.

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