The Floor of Heaven

A harmonious contrast of hilarity with some of the deeper thoughts of Shakespeare

“The Floor of Heaven” is the first ever production of the Old Barker Alumni Theatre and it brings a harmonious contrast of hilarity with some of the deeper thoughts of Shakespeare.

Aptly described, “A suite of Shakespeare compiled by Damien Ryan”, the figurehead of the Sport For Jove Theatre Company provides the script for what will be a big event. Compiling interspersed scenes of The Bards’ most famous plays with factual remnants of the great poets’ life, the play explores Ryan’s view of the many messages, yet strongly acknowledges the fact that all readings bear their own vital weight.

Amie McNee founded the Old Barker Alumni Theatre in a conjoint effort with cast-member Cassandra Jones. A Barker College graduate of 2010 McNee also directs three of the five play excerpts.

The plays referenced are; The Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night, Othello, The Comedy of Errors and The Taming of the Shrew. The first three were directed by Amie McNee and the last two by Ed Lembke-Hogan and Chris Stalley respectively.

Barker’s finest return to the Kurrajong building this week, and the cast hasn’t even been mentioned yet…

The cast of Floor of HeavenGraduating in 2013; director Amie’s little sister Kirsty McNee acts with Eloise Westwood and Rachel Bardwell from the same year. Finishing in 2012; Brad Wall, Ollie Hannon and Sam Hulston. Finishing in 2011; Holly Griffin and Tom Hawthorne. And the year of the founders, 2010; Cassandra Jones, Charlie Jones and Henry Wells.

The charismatic, energetic and absolutely hilarious cast alone should be reason enough to attract audiences big enough to fill the Super Bowl.

If Monday night’s preview is any indication of performance nights, flawless staging within which there is never a dull moment can be expected. The tiniest of touches are what make this production run so beautifully smoothly.

The set, lighting, music and everything to do with the stage put before the audience are the product of great talent. You can thank the hard work of Chris Simpson, Julia O’Brien (both finished 2013) and Katy Willis, Jack Roach and Scott Meletopoulo (finished 2010) for that…

If you want to see live music, laugh too much, see “angry wenches”, witness Ollie Hannon eat about 4 kilos-worth of food and numerous attempts at “wooing” then this play is perfect for you.

The play opens on Wednesday (9th) night, continuing on Friday (11th) and Saturday (12th) night at Barker College. Tickets are $15 for adults or $10 for students (even uni students!) and can be bought at

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