Game review – Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition

Diablo III, finally makes its debut on the Xbox One and PS4

If you had a massive disappointment with the lacklustre Sacred 3 then maybe you should turn your heads towards to Diablo III, I know it’s been out since 2012, but it finally makes its debut on the Xbox One and PS4 in the form of the Ultimate Evil Edition. This is great opportunity if you missed it on consoles last year and if you are looking for some multiplayer fun to get you through the dry period of gaming.

If you don’t know the story then I don’t know where you’ve been for the last two years. You play as five different classes of heroes that you can choose (I’ll get to that later) and you arrive in New Tristram and find that the town is in a struggle with zombies and demons. You must find Deckard Cain who will tell you about the Prime Evils that you must destroy. It’s you standard fare when it comes to your high fantasy stories and to be honest the story hasn’t changed at all in the space of 15 years.

Diablo_3_Ultimate_Evil_Edition_13840134462655Gameplay is a top style action RPG in the consoles versions case and it has an addicting just five more minutes style of gameplay and you’ll find out that it’s four in the morning when you stop playing. Just looking around these bleak and hellish landscapes in this game just to see what you can find is great especially with the excellent soundtrack that accompanies these environments coupled with smooth and sharp graphics running at 60fps and a native 1080p. The gameplay is a loot filled experience where you trawl through dungeons killing new and exciting enemies while finding shiny new and weapons and amour to kit out your hero to battle the demons from hell.

D3_x1_PS4_Mailsend_AD_02_tga_jpgcopyIt’s always deeply satisfying to find new weapons and armour to see how badass your character can look as well as finding new weapons that will deliver devastating damage to your foes. Along with your weapons and armour you will get a set of skills for your individual character, first off you’ll start off with a simple one button primary attack, but as you push on through the game you will level up and unlock more attacks, skills, runes and passive skills.

SkillsReaperLet’s talk about the skills, runes and passive skills, as you level up you’ll have new skills and abilities mapped to different buttons on your controller. This could be a status affect like making your character faster in battle or a devastating area of effect spell or attack. Then you get passive skills which are not mapped to buttons, but act as accolades such as every time you attack an enemy you recover some health or the likely hood of you getting a critical hit. Runes act as an extra boost for your button mapped attacks and abilities for example you can get fire damage with your primary attack or lightning and so forth.

diablo-3-xbox-oneYou have five classes to pick from Barbarian who specialises in you guessed it power and destruction who will cut through hordes of demons, Demon Hunter who has a lot of long range attacks that involve bows and crossbows, Witch Doctor who uses black magic to summon creatures such as spiders to do his bidding, Monks who act as a support character by healing your allies, Wizards as you guessed it have control of time and space and the crusader who’s new to the Reaper of Souls add on who’s like a Templar Knight.

If you are feeling lonely and you don’t want to traverse the dark and bleak world of Sanctuary on your own, then you can invite 3 of your friend’s online or local play on the same screen to help you combat difficult enemies and boss fights and to make it more hectic than it already is.

Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition is a nice all in one package if you missed the first console release of the game last year and with this game you get the Reaper of Souls expansion that was previously only on PC. So if you missed it last year or if you want something new to play on your PS4 and Xbox one, then I would recommend this for the hours of content you’ll get out of it on your own or with friends.

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