Glen St Theatre – Mary, Music and Magic with Vov Dylan

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious come to Glen St Theatre for a show with hocus pocus

World’s Fastest Violinist, Vov Dylan, brings his unique Hollywood Palace Show to the North Shore this Sunday. An exciting blend of orchestral music, award winning magic and family-favourite film, Mary Poppins.

Vov Dylan was born to be a violinist. His very soul yearns for the feel of the bow in hand, delicately crafting the friction of strings into a melodic masterpiece. Having toured around the globe he now presents a show targeted to the kids and young at heart.

Reminiscent of the glory days of cinema, where the soundtrack would be played live for the audience, Dylan’s orchestra, his 14-year-old daughter Olivia and magician Joel Howlett will provide a raft of entertainment before the film is screened.

Vov DylanWith the title ‘Australia’s Answer to Andre Rieu” there could be no better person this side of the hemisphere to hear ply their trade. Joined by a quartet of talented musicians expect an afternoon of Disney favourites, timeless Poppins classics and maybe even a cheeky chicken dance.

Joel Howlett is an award-winning magician and was chosen by Dylan for his ability to engage and astound his audiences. His shows receive rave reviews and his star will only continue to rise.

Dylan’s own daughter will perform a lyrical ballet piece and this is sure to inspire the young ones. Glen St Theatre is a beautiful space and will no doubt have kids falling asleep to visions of their own tiny feet one day weaving and gliding on the stage.

Vov himself is quite the individual. As I spoke to him on the phone his love for performing was clear. For someone with so many achievements in the world of music he is delightfully grounded.

When quizzed for his ‘crowning achievement’ Vov had a clear victor.

“Bringing entertainment, light and laughter to an audience. That for me is far better than any other achievement.”

Which makes Mary Poppins a perfect fit. The two have captivated audiences with their honest heart and memorable musicality for decades. Something Dylan hopes will resonate on Sunday.

Though that is a feat his passion will have no trouble surmounting. Vov’s playing career began when he picked up a violin at 21 months. He says that, “the earliest stages of getting the instrument to make a sound are the hardest – persevere and the rewards are limitless”.

His youngest daughter, at the tender age of four and a half months, plays the piano and violin every day. Vov tells me that many people regret not learning or dropping an instrument and it is beautiful to see him nurture his child with the gift of music that has brought him so much joy.

For a trip down memory lane and an enchanting afternoon for the kids, this is this weekend’s hot ticket. There’s a little bit for everyone although with a run time of a little over three hours you might want to bring some snacks.

With the next Hollywood Palace appearance in October, this is the last time we’ll see Vov for a little while. So get ready for an iconic nanny, beautiful tunes, marvellous magic and as close as you can get to Bob Dylan on a standard keyboard.

The Hollywood Palace Series – Mary Poppins: Glen St Theatre
Date & Time: Sunday June 28th – 3pm
Running time: 1 hr musical concert and magic show followed by 2 hr 20 min film screening
Ticket Prices:  $30 – $20

Bookings: or 9975 1455

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