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The Tuckshop – Glenhaven

The Tuckshop at Glenhaven and their Beef ‘n Bacon Cheeseburger

Priding themselves on quick, nutritious and tasty meals and coffees, The Tuckshop in Glenhaven provides great lunch options for all, but in particular they serve very, very good burgers.

The Tuckshop is modern, fresh and not trying too hard to be cool. It is simply good.

The Tuckshop at Glenhaven
The Tuckshop at Glenhaven

Located along Glenhaven road, in a little shopping and convenience centre, the new café has been booming lately due to its tasty menu.

Its location also enables the café to source its produce locally (Kellyville and Kenthurst), serving up fresh, satisfying meals.

Specialising in coffees and burgers, it’s no wonder it has become a hotspot at breakfast time, especially for tradies.

Their specialties include ham and cheese toasties, the ‘tradie roll’, sandwiches, burgers and salads, suiting anyone in any state of dietary need.

The ‘tradie roll’ is very popular of a weekday morning and consists of double bacon, cheese, fried egg and hash brown with a smoky BBQ sauce. Artery clogging, but in a good way.

For lunch, the most popular burgers are the pork roll, brisket roll, ‘beef n bacon cheeseburger’ and the southern spiced grilled chicken burger.

The pork roll is stuffed with slow roasted pork, apple chutney and cider jus and is a little bit spicy, and the meat is soft and full flavoured.

The beef ‘n bacon cheeseburger comes with a good-sized beef patty, bacon, pickles, onion, cheese, tomato, lettuce and a special sauce, which is great on the burger and spilt all over your chips that come with the burgers.

The southern-spiced grilled chicken burger is a chicken breast fillet with slaw and jalapeno and is a mixed taste of sweet, savoury, bitter and spice.

Daily specials are also offered and even healthy salad options. Drinks offered include black or white Baron Brew Beers, a daily juice special, smoothies, milkshakes and coffees.

The Tuckshop was opened February first, this year, and is a joint venture between Ricky Row, Mike Ico, Matthew Stone and Nathan Hindmarsh, who played 330 games for the Parramatta Eels.

Open 6-6 daily, The Tuckshop’s business is booming for good reason. And it looks as if it will remain functioning in such a fashion for a long time to come.

Shop 1/78 Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven NSW 2156

Tel: (02) 8850 5549

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