Grand Final Football

Lindfield versus West Pymble

Today there is a relaxed atmosphere on Cameray Oval before the Grand Final Football match between Lindfield and West Pymble. It is a glorious day, sunny, still and seventeen degrees. Perfect weather for watching football, but demanding conditions for the players.

Lindfield and West Pymble have met twice this season and both times West Pymble has won. The first time they met it was on Charles Bean when West Pymble won 2:0 and more recently on Norm Griffiths where West Pymble won 2:1 and took the Premiership.

Lindfield vs West PymbleLast week West Pymble had edged-out North Sydney in the semi-final 3:2 and Lindfield had thrashed Kissing Point 5:2 so both teams had the goods to win today.

As with any finals match, the game started as cat and mouse with both sides having lots of possession, lots of little touches, lots of short accurate passes. Both teams are quality sides and neither side wanted to give the other any unnecessary opportunity.

It took nearly forty minutes for the first goal to come, with Lindfield bringing the ball up the left wing, beating the keeper.

At halftime Lindfield were ahead 1:0 in a tight, interesting contest. Good football to watch, tense and well played.

The second half had a scrappy start with lots of long range ambitious passes to nowhere. This looked like a very different game of football compared to the first half and play like this was going to quickly open up the game.

Lindfield conceded a free kick to west Pymble square in front of the 18 yard box from a late tackle, which saw West Pymble even the scores. That goal saw a lift in the West Pymble game, they moved up a gear despite the heat.

LindfieldNot long after came a controversial moment in the game, when Lindfield’s striker took a hard tackle in midfield and pushed the West Pymble player in the chest – a brain snap. Both players were immediately yellow carded, but after a long discussion with the linesman, the referee red carded the Lindfield striker, sending him from the field.

Lindfield fired-up, but West Pymble took control. Somehow West Pymble found another gear and the shots on goal come thick and fast. Lindfield were under siege and the rest of the match was going to be hard for them to control.

The breakthrough came for West Pymble off a corner, floated to the back of the box and headed home for a superb goal. West Pymble was ahead and continued to pile on the pressure.

And then number three was put away, working the ball down the right wing, crossing in to the 18 yard box and then beating the goalie. Three-one and the game was out of reach for Lindfield.

And that’s the way the game finished. West Pymble finished a stellar season winning the Premier League and the Grand Final. Well done West Pymble, impressive to watch.

Match day photos are here.

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