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Cooyong/Neverfail Trail

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If you’re looking for an easy trail near St Ives, then the Cooyong/Neverfail Trail is a great one to cycle. We’ve always simply known the route as “the Powerline Trail” as that is what it was named on an old map of the area and it’s one of those service trails used by the National Parks and Wildlife officials when they need to access the huge power stanchions that cross the valleys of the Kuringai Chase National Park.

The entrance to the trail is almost at the intersection of Mona Vale Road and Forest Way. If you are heading up Mona Vale Road towards the beaches, pull off to the left about five hundred metres from the intersection and you will find the entrance there.

Cycling3The beauty of the service trails that criss-cross the area is that they are well maintained, easy to cycle, take you deep in to the bush and almost always have a locked gate at either end restricting access to vehicles. Mountain bikes are allowed to use these trails and so are walkers, so keep a look out for them. Some trails around the area allow horses which need to be passed with care.

Once you are past the locked gate, cycle out along the trail. Most of the path is easy cycling but there are some deep patches of sand, so watch out for the front wheel having a mind of its own.

The trail descends slowly for a kilometre or so, and then there is a sharp drop which leads on to a fork in the trail. The left fork is an easy ride out to one of the powerline stanchions, but the cycle trail heads off to the right through woodland on a nice easy descent.

After another kilometre or so the trail turns to the right and heads down quickly over the side of the hill. For the young and fearless this a great drop to head over, for the mild or more experienced cyclist that don’t like falling off their bikes might need to walk their bikes down here.

Very quickly you are upon a small and very pretty brook called Kierans Creek. It is worth taking a moment to take-in such a pretty little place right on our doorstep.

Cycling2Get your bike across the creek and head on up the small trail opposite. Until now the trail has been very simple because it has been flat or downhill, now you have to ascend the side of the hill. As you go up the steep path keep to the right and then the trail opens out in to a good view of the district and an easy ride out to the end of the trail.

At the end of the trail you will join Cooyong Road and then it is a simple ride on quiet streets back around to the beginning of the circuit. Total distance on this easy ride is roughly 5.5km with half off road and half on road.

If you wanted to make a day of it you could head across Booralie Road and then on to the “Long Trail” which takes you out to “Peach Trees” overlooking Looking Glass Bay. That is a great cycle early in the morning as you will be assured of coming across a lot of wildlife on the trail.

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