The Greengate Hotel – one of the only pubs in Kuringai

655 Pacific Hwy, Killara

If you’re looking for nightlife, the Greengate hotel in Killara is the only hotel/pub in Kuringai that matters and therefore it is a major venue for the younger demographic in a slowly ageing population. The Hotel offers an array of attractions; from a great social-hub for all ages, to busy party events like its notorious Christmas Eve party. Ask any under-thirty-year-old who lives in Ku-Ring-Gai and they’ll probably know and love this local hot spot.

The aforementioned, popular Christmas Eve party thrown by the hotel attracts numbers in their thousands to the multiple bars, the spacious beer garden and it’s gaming room. For the special occasion, it is transformed into a club-style venue; the main bar used as a massive dance-floor and the surrounding outdoor areas as a now much larger beer garden. The parties have been so large the last few years that the Southerly directed lane of Pacific Highway is closed off for a period of time after about seven o’clock. This, surely, gives some idea of the magnitude of the events going on, and the popularity that this hotel rightfully possesses.

The hotel also offers a diverse array of nightly events. Monday night is labeled ‘man vs food’ as, like the popular television show, it sees contestants partake in various food challenges. Tuesday night is the self-explanatory trivia night, but this event also attracts participants by offering $10 chicken schnitzels and $13 parmagianas. Wednesday night is the important night for younger generations looking for a weekly location to unwind. ‘Uni night’ at the Greengate, on this night of nights, not only offers live music from local DJ’s and up-and-coming talent, but more importantly; cheap drinks. $5 house spirits and $12 beer jugs as well as the kitchen preparing home made toasted sandwiches makes this night textbook for students with a budget. Thursday or ‘Locals Night’ is also a good night for students, but more of a relaxed vibe at the hotel compared to that of Wednesday night. Also known as ‘Pint Night’, there is no confusion as to why this night attracts a crowd, offering $6 domestic, $7 craft and $7.50 imported pints and other drink attractions. Friday through Sunday offer more savings but not much in regards to the younger generations. Regardless, the Greengate is a great place to relax on any night of the week.

The bistro in the Highway Bar offers decent and affordable meals. The average prices range from $12-$17 and consist of the usual pub-style food such as steaks and burgers as well as salads, plus they have a good range of vegetarian and gluten-free options. So there is something for all strengths, intolerances and persuasions of stomach. Last week I went with a group to the Greengate on Thursday evening and got a steak with mushroom sauce and others got schnitzels and burgers. The meals were of a good size, with your choice of sauces and came with salads and possibly the best chips offered by a bistro on the North-Shore. Get the aioli sauce for your chips, you will not regret it.

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