Halo 5 Guardians Multi-Player

Beta impressions

So the Halo 5 Guardians beta has been available for the press for quite a while but finally became public to those who own Halo The Master Chief Collection since the 29th of December. So what is the gameplay like with this small taster of the games multiplayer? Does it stray away from the normal Halo gameplay? Let’s find out.

The two gamemodes at the time of this published impression are Team Slayer which is the standard Halo team deathmatch and Breakout which takes queues from Counter Strike and Call of Duty where it is in the style of “Search and Destroy” where you don’t have any respawns so the rounds are quick due to the fast nature of this game.

Breakout is new to the Halo franchise how works is that you have 4 players on each team and you have six rounds, you’re first launched off a ramp into battle which is awesome and you have very less power with your shields. Be careful because when you die that’s it for the round and you’ll just have to sit on your hands waiting for the next one, this game type focuses heavily on team work and communication so I wouldn’t recommend playing it on your own.

Halo-5-Guardians-Assassinations-2The gameplay has been tweaked to fit a more modern control set where you can now aim down sights in a Halo game and some people would consider this as a negative, but it works on the other hand though if you aim down the sight of your weapon you lose the use of your radar so it’s a double edge sword. When I started to use the dodge movement thrusters my first thoughts were “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare” and now before you go and throw your pitch folks at me it’s not a bad thing because it’s fun to jump dodge sideways or slam down on your enemies with your “butslam” ability, it adds more verticality to the game.

Halo 5 BluePerformance and visuals I didn’t really have a problem and considering that the game isn’t even finished yet it performs at a flawless 60 frames per second for the most part, the only time I got frame rate drops is when your team are introduced at the start of the match which makes the game drop to about 30 besides that there wasn’t any problems with frame rate. Visuals are fantastic, but there are a few oddities with some blurry textures, but again that can be over looked due to the fact that the game isn’t finished yet.

What I’ve played of this taster has got me excited for the latest instalment for the Halo series when it releases at the end of this year and if you have Halo Master Chief Collection give it ago because the beta ends soon.

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