Have you seen Gordon Station recently?

Improved parking, buses, taxi, bike parking, lighting and access.

Have you passed through the new and very much improved Gordon Station recently?

Gordon Station has undergone a huge refurbishment and improvement program under the guidance of Transport for NSW (TfNSW), part of the State Government. In its plan and review TfNSW recognised that 29.5% of residents that live in Gordon use the train and bus as their primary mode of transport to get to work. Therefore, Gordon Station and its interchange with buses and private cars is a very important piece of infrastructure within the community.

The plan also identified that Gordon is forecast to see substantial commercial and high-rise residential growth over the next 25 years.

And so it set seven key goals in line with the overall TfNSW plan:

  1. Improve commuter access within the Gordon Interchange
  2. Provide commuter car parking, motorcycle parking and bicycle parking
  3. Improve wayfinding throughout the Interchange adjacent to Gordon Station
  4. Provide a bus layover and bus driver amenities
  5. Maintain appropriate and safe pedestrian access throughout the interchange
  6. Respond to heritage and visual values of the site
  7. Improve customer amenity

Gordon StationThe timeline was to commence works in 2014 and be complete within eleven months.

We have all experienced the relatively minor inconvenience during the works program, but now the $44m upgrade has been finished, we can all enjoy the  interchange  which also includes bicycle racks, motorcycle parking, bus stops, taxi zone, weather protected waiting areas, lighting and CCTV cameras.


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