Illegal dumping stopped on Old Northern Road

By a generous gift from a local business

Hornsby Shire Council and Maroota Sandstone Quarry have joined forces to fix a notorious dumping ground for illegal rubbish on Old Northern Road.

The quarry generously offered to place 12 large sandstone blocks across the entrance to the site that prevent vehicles entering, free of charge.

“We decided to do it after I was chatting to Council’s ranger one day about the problem,” says Gary, the quarry’s manager.

“It was pretty unsightly when you came past here every day and saw the piles of garbage.”

The need for action was made particularly clear this week when a new pile of rubbish was dumped less than half an hour after Council had finished cleaning out the site.

“We’re very grateful to Maroota Sandstone Quarry for their generous assistance,” Hornsby Shire’s Acting Mayor Gurdeep Singh says.

“This is a great example of Council and the local business community working together for the benefit of the entire community.”

Each of the sandstone blocks weighs around seven tonnes and is valued between $500 and $1,000.

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