Indian Dosa

South Indian cuisine in the heart of Waitara

I have always been intrigued as to what a “Dosa” is. I know it must be a type of food, because I have passed the Dosa House in Waitara many times.

Well, I can tell you, a Dosa is a simple crepe made from a rice batter and black lentils that is a traditional staple from South India and it tastes great.

Dosa HouseThe Dosa House in Waitara (tel: 9489 4797) do a fantastic job of making Dosa. I ventured in to the simple store recently and had the Masala Dosai, which is the crepe filled with a tasty potato filling served with three accompaniments; one sweet, one sour and one crunchy.

The accompaniments are what make the meal. The sweet sauce is made from coconut and was quite spicy, the crunchy sauce is made from lentils and had a nice rounded flavour but my favourite was the sour which was a vegetable based sauce.

The Dosai is freshly cooked while you wait and served piping hot for you to tear off pieces and dip in to the three sauces. A simple and very tasty meal served by really friendly staff.

Traditional Indian coffee cup. Image courtesy Wikipedia published under creative commons
Traditional Indian coffee cup. Image courtesy Wikipedia published under creative commons

The Dosa House has a good range of meals including Idly, Vadai or savoury doughnut and Biryani as well as a wide range of Dosa. Most meals are vegetarian and because the Dosai are made from rice batter they are also okay for most gluten intolerant eaters.

Much of this cuisine would probably make the breakfast table in Southern India, but it makes a great lunch or evening meal in Waitara.

Prices at the Dosa house are very reasonable, with most dishes ten dollars or less. My Masala Dosai was $9.00 for the meal to which we added some cans of drink and an Indian coffee served in the traditional two-part aluminium cup.

Dosa House
4/100, Pacific Highway Waitara, NSW-2077
Phone: 9489 4797

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