Kashin Japanese Dining, Gordon

Simple, fresh and good quality

Kashin is a simple restaurant in Gordon which sells authentic Japanese food. It has had several Japanese owners over the years and today it is as busy as ever. As you walk in all the staff cry “Irrashaimase” which means Welcome!

I love their menu; smattered with Jinglish such as this statement heading the main menu section: “Teishoku is main dish with rice, Miso soup etc. which is good for nutrition. Also we are happy to eat various dishes one time”. I think they mean you can order each of their dishes on their own, but who cares? You’ll want the set, as they make good combinations.

Teishoku roughly translates to “Meal Set” and your main dish comes with a small soup and rice, pickles, some Agadashi Tofu and a little salad which is good value for under $20.00.

This evening I had the Omakase Bento Box. Omakase means “dishes selected by the chef” or as Kashin say “I’ll leave it to you” and it’s a great way to choose a complete and balanced meal if you’re unfamiliar with Japanese food.

Teriyaki Salmon Oamkase Bento Box
Teriyaki Salmon Omakase Bento Box

Omakase are the bits and pieces that go along with the main fare, which for me was Salmon Teriyaki. The salmon is fresh and nicely cooked with a good Teriyaki sauce, served on rice. The bits and pieces that came in my Bento Box included a simple green salad, a couple of Tuna sushi, two good slices of sashimi salmon, some fried entrees and three little pieces of sweet cake for desert, all for under $25.00.

Don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t Japanese fine-dining, this is good quality family dining, well presented and good to eat. The small restaurant this evening is full which is testament to the value and quality of the meals served and its loyal patrons.

We had booked ahead as we were a group of eight eating together this evening. The chef had no problem with our orders which appeared promptly and were prepared with the same precision as they were the last six times I have eaten here.

I like this place; it’s simple, fresh and good quality. The surroundings are pretty basic and certainly isn’t a groovy eatery with it’s chunky tables and simple wall coverings, but I think it delivers what it promises.

Kashin Japanese Dining
735 Pacific Highway
Gordon NSW 2072

Tel: (02) 9418 1233

Website: http://kashin.net.au/

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