Kissing Point vs Old Barker FC

Kissing Point heap the misery on to Old Barker

Kissing Point are currently second on the table having won three and drawn one match out of five this season. West Pymble are five points ahead of them and Chatswood Rangers are equal on points to Kissing Point but behind on goal difference. So a win this evening is very important.

Old Barker are doing it tough having lost five out of five games so far this season and they have a huge -12 goal difference. A win this evening could get their season started.

The game started on the stroke of 7:24pm, under lights on a balmy Wednesday evening. This was a catch-up match due to all of the rains a couple of weeks ago.

Kissing Point ve Old BarkerKissing Point immediately settled in to long periods of dominant passing play; players running for space and quality passes following them. But Kissing Point couldn’t break through Old Barker’s defence, chopping the ball out from Kissing Point at the last moment.

Once again, Old Barker got on the score-sheet first; a frenetic scrap had been going on through the centre, but a Barker striker found some space, broke through and scored low and right.

Barker were 1:0 up after 27 mins and the Kissing Point goalie was very, very unhappy.

Kissing Point returned the scores to square five minutes later with a superb goal. Bringing the ball down the right wing, they was crossed across the face of the goal as three Kissing Point players followed the ball in to the penalty area. The last of the three got an edge and pushed the ball into the back of the net.

Kissing Point then pushed ahead right on half time with a dubious goal. A corner was cleared and all players pushed forward momentarily, but the ball went straight to a Kissing Point foot who sent the ball firing back in. The ball would have gone wide if it hadn’t caught the head of a Kissing Point player on the way through. Whether he was offside or not will be a matter of debate for a while.

2:1 to Kissing Point as the players headed for the dressing rooms at half time.

The second half started at the same frenetic pace, both sides having chances on goal, but Kissing Point were the first with the honours, bringing the ball down the right wing and crossing at the last moment to meet the head of their striker who pushed it home. 3:1 and Barker were the team getting frustrated.

Kissing Point vs Old BarkerAnd then came goal four. After a good passage of play from both sides and Barker narrowly missing a goal, Kissing Point brought the ball down the left wing as two players came down the right. The ball was crossed in to space, inside the 18 yard box for a certain goal. 4:1

Kissing Point were finding their tempo with really quick feet, working the ball through the midfield. Good, fast passing brought the ball to the edge of the 18 yard box, another shot pushing the keeper to his left and the score was 5:1. Barker’s shoulders dropped; they didn’t have an answer for this pace of play.

In the last 15 minutes Barker was getting frustrated and the yellow cards were starting to flow. One card came from a very heavy tackle on a Kissing Point player cost them another goal. The ball was floated across the goal to the far post, headed back across the goal and then fired in to an open net. 6:1 and Barker’s misery was complete.

Unless you’re playing Kissing Point and you keep on fouling. A last foul on the edge of the box was fired directly home to make it 7:1 as the whistle went for the end of the match.

Great win to Kissing Point which sees them secure second spot on the table on points, plus they move their goal difference from +10 to +16 in one evening. Nice job.

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