Ladies Day: Lindfield vs Barker Old Boys

Good, tight contest in the Barraclough Cup

Old Soldier Memorial Park in Lindfield was the scene of an exciting day between two strong clubs that share healthy, competitive relations in the Barraclough Cup: Lindfield Rugby Club and Barker Old Boys.

Lindfield were hosting their ladies day, packing out the sideline and their clubhouse and hoping to win to impress. Ladies love subbies rugby, and Lindfield had clearly picked a club that would draw a crowd and help their numbers for the event…

Barker Old Boys are second on the ladder in the competition overall and look to be a force worthy of remaining on top.

Lindfield Rugby ClubBoth teams came out strong in the beginning but a break from the Bobs elusive fullback, Hugh Doran, popping to second-rower Jordan Smith, made for the first try of the day.

Lindfield looked to rectify immediately as it was still early, imposing a strong attack on the Old Boys.

But a lineout 35 metres out from the Bobs try line came down to fly-half Steven Hayter who chipped midfield; winger Andrew Wallace regained possession 40 metres out and managed to burn his opposition to the right corner for another try.

Yet again, Lindfield returned on their front-foot, attacking a solid wall of defence. However, not long passed until they were rewarded by the referee as he picked up the Bobs for repetitive ruck infringements.

The half was drawn to an end with prop Riley Rolleston battering over for his teams first try, bringing the score to 12 – 7.

After the break, Lindfield returned to the field with momentum still behind them whilst the Bobs looked to have slowed.

Working off the Old Boys defensive errors and a dropped ball, centre Myles Docker made a break in the line before popping off to number eight Jonathon Broome who ran the ball in for a try in the corner.

But, in classic Barker Old Boy fashion, winger Nathan Malcolm gassed his opposition for a solid break up the field before popping inside. Spreading the ball centre field to fullback Hugh Doran, it was only a matter of time and footwork until he was over the try line.

BOBs vs LindfieldIntensity was again transferred to Lindfield as their home crowd got behind them. Cohesive offence was led by fly-half Felix Budee, feeding the ball to forwards Edward Lau, Riley Rolleston and Jonathon Broome.

Penalties were piling up against the Bobs at this stage, any ruck infringement resulting in a full arm penalty.

Play stayed fairly static in the Bobs 22 for a long five minutes of gruelling defence until flanker Malcolm Gandar finally burst down the sideline and over the line.

The score was now 19 – 17 to the Bobs.

In the dying minutes, the Old Boys used forwards Jordan Smith, Scott England and Ben Ryan to chug the ball up field.

Working off the momentum set by the forwards, fly-half Steven Hayter broke the line before drawing and offloading to flanker, (7) who was burning down the field outside him and was easily able to run in for a try before the final whistle.

26 – 17 was the final score.

(At the time of publication, scores on are wrong.)

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