Life After George

Social change across the decades told by The Pymble Players

Pymble Players Incorporated presents ‘Life After George’ commencing on Wednesday (23/07/2014). A combination of a great script with a clever adaptation makes this an interesting play.

Life After GeorgeWritten by the Australian playwright Hannie Rayson, Life After George is a moving and perceptive insight into social change across three decades told through individual experiences.

Best known for her play “Hotel Sorrento” Rayson has been a playwright who has delivered many scripts loved by regional Australian theatre.

Directed by Vicki Nield, the script leaves a lot to the director for adaptation into an interesting stage production. Nield has done the script justice in this adaptation.

The characterisation of Peter George as a charismatic academic and the lives of his three wives plus daughters provide fragmented insights into the many idealistic views across the decades.

Nostalgia shrouds the production as ideals fought for by the different characters often clash with other characters principles.

Nield has managed to take a complex script and turn it into a performance that is accessible to everyone.

Life After GeorgeThe cast rightfully parallels the strength of its director with a mixture of talent and experience.

Chris Clark plays the main role of Peter George on his seventh return to the Pymble Players.

Philip Clay plays the loyal best friend of Peter George, Alan Duffy and debuts for the club in this production.

Frances Etheridge returns for the fifth time to the club and plays Poppy Santini, the intricately characterised third and final wife of Peter George.

Courtney Gibson is another debut performer and plays the daughter of Peter George, a battle for attention from a seemingly neglectful father characterising this role.

After a 12 year break from the theatre, Libby Hugget plays Peter George’s first wife, Beatrix George. Libby has maintained a strong connection with the Pymble Players during the interim.

And finally, Jan McLachlan has been heavily involved with the Pymble Players for quite a while now and is also associated strongly with director Vicki. She plays Professor Lindsay Graham, Peter George’s middle wife with whom he formed an illicit affair.

Skill fully staged, the production people have created a realist set; cleverly combining an outdoor theme, church pew and a kitchen.

The Pymble Players Incorporated has offered a great variety of plays in the past and will please its audience with this production. ‘Life After George’ as directed by Vicki Nield is well worth a watch.

Tickets are $22 for concession entry and $25 for General Admission. Refreshments and programs are included.

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