Lindfield vs West Pymble

Charles Bean Oval. Under lights.

Round 2 saw Lindfield play West Pymble under lights at Charles Bean oval. These are two well matched, experienced Premier League sides. Either side could win this contest.

Last week, West Pymble had beaten Maccabi Northside 1:0 at home. Lindfield were coming off a 2:1 win against Kissing Point last week and were playing at home. It could be anybody’s game with these two teams under lights. When these two teams met on Charles Bean Oval a year ago, Lindfield thrashed West Pymble 6:1 but Lindfield had seen significant changes up front and Pymble were hungry for a win.

Lindfield took the kick-off and put West Pymble under pressure. Lindfield play a wide game, with lots of passes. But against the run of play West Pymble managed to score after only 4 minutes.

Lindfield West PymbleLindfield were playing very wide and their long passes kept on being intercepted. Their first real chance on goal came after 15 mins with a free kick just outside the 18 yard box, but nothing came of it.

Lindfield had a great shot on goal from the edge of the 18 yard box but it was met with an even better save from the West Pymble goalie flying full stretch to his left snatching the ball out of the air. Exciting stuff.

The pressure was on and a great cross from Lindfield past the face of the goal was fired home but rattled the crossbar and went skyward.

This was good quality, fast football from both sides.

Another huge onslaught by Lindfield with 3 mins to go in the half, bringing the ball in to the 18 yard box, crossing across the face of the goal for a head in for an almost certain goal 5 feet from the line. Only to be cleared on the line by a West Pymble defender on the line. Breathtaking.

Lindfield were playing calm, considered football and producing some good chances on goal, but West Pymble’s defence was simply too good.

Half time 1:0 to West Pymble.

If the first half was measured by possession, passes completed or time in the opposition half, Lindfield were clear winners. But goals is the measure and West Pymble were ahead.

Lindfield West PymbleLindfield were still playing very wide, often having two players on each touch line. And that meant West Pymble could play their big men right down the centre of the field.

The second half saw the better fitness of West Pymble pay dividends; winning more ball, making more passes and putting the Lindfield defence under a lot of pressure.

Deep in the second half, West Pymble should have sealed the match with a shot on goal, but it got dragged wide and hit the left post with the follow-up looking like a fall over the ball, but a great effort in the split second given to react.

And the breakthrough came almost on full time after a frenetic passage of play when West Pymble fired a shot at goal which the goalie got his body in the way, but it ricocheted under him and hit the back if the net. 2:0 and no time left in the game.

In the end West Pymble were really pumping, firing in some great shots.

A good solid game of football and a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

The win to West Pymble gives them two wins from two outings and in to the top half of the table. Lindfield will sit a very creditable mid-table with one win and one loss. Next week West Pymble host Berowra at home and Lindfield take on Maccabi Northside at home.

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