Lindfield win the day, Dalleys win the League

Lindfield play North Sydney on Charles Bean while Willoughby Dalleys watch

Willoughby Dalleys celebrate winning the Premier League at the Lindfield vs North Sydney match this afternoon.

Okay, stay with me on this one; On the Premiership ladder, Willoughby Dalleys were eleven points clear of Kissing Point and North Sydney at the start of the weekend. Willoughby Dalleys and Kissing Point only have three games to play this season, but North Sydney has four.

Lindfield striker Taro Kono scores.
Lindfield striker Taro Kono scores.

So, if Willoughby Dalleys lost all of their remaining matches and North Sydney won all of their matches, then North Sydney would win the Premier League.

When Dalleys found that their match had been called off due to a water logged pitch, the whole team went to Charles Bean to watch North Sydney take on Lindfield. If Lindfield won today, the League was no longer in doubt.

Lindfield this season have blown hot and cold. Some weeks they have been on fire and played like the team that was Champion of Champions in 2013 and some weeks they have been sent home with their tail between their legs.

Today they were on fire; particularly in the first half. Lindfield were firing the ball way out to their man on the left wing, who would cross it in to their strikers, who slammed it in to the back of the net. I watched the same basic manoeuvre three times in a row, with three goals scored. And North Sydney had nothing in return.

The score was 3:0 at half time and Lindfield were in control.

North Sydney take control of the second half.
North Sydney take control of the second half.

In the second half, North Sydney managed to string some good plays together, putting Lindfield under pressure which eventually resulted in a goal bringing the score up to 3:1.

North Sydney moved the game up in to the Lindfield half and was determined to keep it there. They were playing hard and had some good opportunities.

As the match progressed, both sides started needling each other, resulting in a number of yellow cards. There were a lot of verbal challenges and a few unnecessary shoulders thrown.

And then the final whistle saw the Dalleys boys erupt with pleasure; they had won the league.

Final score 3:1.

Lindfield were deserved winner on the day and Dalleys deserved winners of the League.

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