Local football derby

Pymble Ladies College beat Barker College in the CIS Semi Final

Wednesday afternoon saw the local derby of Pymble Ladies College and Barker College in the semi-final of the CIS NSW Schools Football Competition at Loreto Normanhurst. Prior to the clash, Pymble Ladies College were tipped to be the winners and came through on the day with a convincing 4:0 win.

Barker College goalie pushes the ball over the cross bar
Barker College goalie pushes the ball over the cross bar

The game started well, on this bright, sunny afternoon in winter. Both sides moving the ball around well, but the majority of play quickly moved in to Barker’s half. Barker defence was good, but the goalie was quickly tested needing to push a shot over the cross bar to save a certain goal.

It wasn’t until sixteen minutes in to the first half that PLC gained a corner which Barker failed to clear properly and in the confusion, the ball went over the line putting PLC 1:0 ahead.

Barker came back quickly, but could not get past the PLC defence. This was to become the story of the afternoon for Barker, although they had decent possession of the ball, they simply found the four girls making up PLC’s defence completely impenetrable.

PLC had more success against Barker and a throw-in from deep in to Barker territory was popped over the defence’s head and in to the back of the net.

Then, just on half time the Barker goalie cleared the ball back in to the midfield, but it was quickly lost to PLC who brought the ball back down, off-balanced the goalie and scored a simple goal.

That was the way the scores stayed until half time 3:0 to Pymble Ladies College.

The second half was a repeat of the first half with Barker making the occasional foray in to PLC territory, but the defence stood strong and the PLC goalie was rarely troubled.

Pymble continuously moving the ball up the left wing
Pymble continuously moving the ball up the left wing

The half was typified by a lot of ball moving around the central part of the field, but few long periods of possession from either side. PLC definitely had the upper hand constantly moving the ball out to the left wing, bringing the ball up to the ten yard box for a cross and another shot on goal.

The Barker goalie had to work hard and made some magnificent saves. Sadly though, one more goal got past her taking the final score to 4:0 in favour of Pymble Ladies College.

Pymble Ladies College had a well-deserved win, they had more possession, more confidence and, at the end of the day, all of the goals.

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