Loritz Circus

Great fun family entertainment

The jaw dropping, nerve testing, technically awesome talent of Loritz Circus has made camp at Rofe Park, Hornsby Heights. The Queensland-based Loritz Circus boasts seven generations of circus performers with acts from around the world and this is their first tour of New South Wales.

Perfect for the whole family, the skilful performers are sure to amaze, make hearts skip a beat and the child inside laugh. This is an old-fashioned “Big Top” circus that is fun for the whole family, with little children giggling with delight and teens and adults gasping at the daring acts.

Boasting a large new tent for the main performance for trapeze and Lyra acts, the main entrance has visitors’ first walk through a small carnival area. A tea-cup roundabout, pony rides and a jumping castle are provided for youngsters, along with a candy bar, ice creams and drinks for sale.

The acrobats, jugglers, clowns and other performers are selected from across the globe and features artists from Kenya, Argentina, Colombia, Russia, Germany and Australia.

Miss Yami performing high above the crowd.
Miss Yami performing high above the crowd.

The particular show presented in Hornsby is named “Out Of Africa” and the amazing Royal Kenyan Acrobats steal the show with multiple performances. These six men are fitter than fit and perform human pyramids, acrobatics on the floor, up a pole and even limbo under fire. They are accompanied at all times by their beautiful, rhythmic, dancer-girls.

Four young, elegant ladies will also have you on the edge of your seat as they swing from a trapeze, walk a tight rope and perform Lyra, aerialism and hula-hoop acts. Twelve year old Americus, who performs in an aerial hoop, has been seen on programs such as Oprah and Australia’s Got Talent. Miss Emma performs on a tight rope slung across the middle of the circus ring and Miss Yami is quite amazing as she swings, on her head while twirling hoops.

This really is an old-fashioned circus, with something that everyone will enjoy.

Michel, the Argentinian juggler does his thing too, completing feats that make you wonder how someone’s reaction time can be so fast.

The resident clown kept the younger kids giggling all evening. He also got to show off his pony-skills, making them jump, bow and even puts one to sleep… in a bed. The ponies were the only animals present and were clearly enjoying their time performing.

Marcus & Gabi from Germany and their "Wheel of Death".
Marcus & Gabi from Germany and their “Wheel of Death”.

Marcus and Gabi finished the show with the aptly named ‘Mystifying Wheel of Death’. The tension this German couple generate will make you cover your eyes especially when Marcus applies a blindfold to his own eyes and jumps on his flying wheel.

The tent will stay pitched at Rofe Park until the 26th of October; so you only have three weeks to catch a performance.

Offering VIP, Front Elevated, A Reserve and B Reserve sections, tickets range from $35-$22 for adults, $33-$30 for students and concessions and $28-$16 for children.

All seats have good views, with the best seats labelled as “VIP” along the side of the ring. We were perched at the back of “A” Reserve, to the side of the show and we didn’t miss a thing; clear views, loads of atmosphere and easy access.

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