Match preview: West Pymble vs Kissing Point

It's derby day at West Pymble!

Photo: West Pymble vs Kissing Point. 27 April 2014 on Charles Bean Oval.

Everyone loves a local derby and when the two teams are first and second on the ladder, it promises to be a great game of football. West Pymble will play Kissing Point in the Premier League on Saturday at 3:00pm on Norman Griffiths Oval so that we can sort out who is top dog.

Currently, West Pymble are undefeated in 2015. They have played five and won five, scoring ten goals and only letting through two goals. They have had clean sheets against Maccabi Northside, Lindfield and Lane Cove and only let in one goal each to Berowra and Old Barker.

West Pymble are a considered, experienced and well organised side. They have some fast, big players upfront, a solid midfield and a well-organised defence. But they can be beaten; West Pymble like to play straight up the middle of the field, so work around the edges will allow Kissing Point to get past them.

Kissing Point have played six matches this season, winning four, a draw with one and only one loss. The feature of Kissing Point’s wins is that many of them have been with very large scores; they beat Berowra 6:0, Dalleys 6:0 and on Wednesday evening they beat Old Barker 7:1.

Kissing Point are a very fit and experienced team, with fast footwork and killer instinct. Let them get in control of the game and they will run amok. But they can be beaten; they like to move the ball up the left wing and then cross to the right, before heading in to goal.

So who’s going to win? I have already predicted a win for West Pymble (let’s hope that’s not the kiss of death!) but I think it is going to be a tight, hard-fought contest. Both sides have a very good chance of winning this match. I don’t predict a high score, because I think any goal is going to take a lot of work to score.

Let’s hope the weather holds out so that we can all enjoy a good game of football.

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