Match Report: Old Barker FC vs Chatswood Rangers

Rangers grab a well deserved win

Old Barker FC had started the season well winning its first two matches but lost 4:1 last week to Kissing Point. Chatswood Rangers had had a mixed start to the year with a draw, a win, and a loss. Both teams would be looking for a win to keep themselves in the top half of the table.

Golden Jubilee Oval in Wahroonga can be a spectacular place on a sunny afternoon. Looking out over Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park towards Bobbin Head, it is at the top of a huge valley. Conversely, on a wet, grey weekend Golden Jubilee Oval can feel very exposed and foreboding as it did on this ANZAC weekend.

Old Barker had the honours with the kickoff, but Chatswood Rangers quickly took control. Barker were playing a wide, passing game which quickly converted into a couple of good chances on goal, but the shots were wide of their mark.

Chatswood got the first break, bringing the ball down the right. Forcing the Barker goalie off his line it was a simple effort for Alexander Bolli to push the ball left and get Chatswood’s account open.

Barker responded within sixty seconds with a cracking shot on goal, but straight on to the arms of the Rangers goalie.

Barker were pushing hard, but Chatswood’s Simon Aitken was constantly allowed to bring the ball down the right wing, setting up Mitchell Bath and Bolli in front of goal.

Barker’s defence were often exposing the goalie who had to come a long way out to defend, continuously showing far too much of the goal mouth to Rangers.

1:0 to Chatswood at half time.

In the second half, Barker had a great game in midfield constantly feeding the boys up front, but couldn’t convert strategy into goals.

At the same time, Barker wasted a lot of opportunities by kicking and not controlling the ball, which to me looked like the signs of a young side that tire early. Football can be as much a game of endurance at this level as it is a game of skill.

Late in the half Barker found the back of the net from a free kick but were called offside.

This was a good match on a rough day, Chatswood Rangers came away with a well-deserved win.

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