Netball improvements at Pennant Hills Park

Hornsby Shire Council and Hills District Netball Association working together

Australian netballer Sharni Layton giving Bianca Nikolovski some tips at a netball workshop held at Pennant Hills over the weekend.

Hornsby Shire Council and Hills District Netball Association have worked together to significantly improve the netball complex at Pennant Hills Park.

Five of the netball courts have been reconstructed, while a concrete terrace viewing area has been created for spectators.

Council put $300,000 into the project and the association contributed $150,000, part of which was a $25,000 grant from the NSW Government.

“This is the perfect example of Council working together with a sporting group to the benefit of the entire community,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Steve Russell said.

“It’s exactly how local government should work – we make sure one of our valuable assets is used to its full potential while those who benefit the most also contribute.”

The five courts were rebuilt on a level platform to remove dips between the courts, while also repairing cracks and slumping that had occurred over the years.

Two of the courts were also cut into an embankment to move them away from a steep slope at the edge of the bush and concrete seating terraces were added for spectators.

“We love it, it’s made a big difference,” Hills District Netball Association president Jennie Thompson said.

“It’s gotten rid of a lot of safety hazards, such as the dips between the courts that were dangerous to run over, while the seating has moved a lot of people away from the edges of the court and let them watch the games in comfort.”

Jennie echoed the mayor’s sentiments about the cooperation between Council and the netballers.

“I talk to a lot of other associations and they often complain about difficulties they have with their councils,” Jennie said.

“I have always found Hornsby Shire Council to be more than responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

Other recent works at the netball courts have included the installation of improved court lighting and an upgrade to the carpark.

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