New wetland attracting rare wildlife

Swamp wallabies, echidnas, lace monitors, pythons and green tree snakes

Ku-ring-gai Council’s construction of a wetland at North Turramurra golf course is attracting native wildlife not seen in the area for years.

The wetland forms part of a Council project worth $28 million that ultimately will transform the North Turramurra golf course and its surroundings into a regional recreational area.

The 500sqm wetland was created on the site of the existing water course and is located north of the former North Turramurra landfill site next to the National Park, which has been reclaimed, capped and stabilised.

The wetland includes the third green and fourth tee which golfers access by crossing the wetland via timber bridges. It has been extensively landscaped and planted with large numbers of aquatic and land-based native plants. Controlled flows release water from the wetland into the existing creek and then on to Cowan Creek.

Once the course is opened to the public at the end of this year the wetland will be accessible via a fire trail at the end of Curagul Road.

Mayor Jennifer Anderson
Mayor Jennifer Anderson

Mayor Jennifer Anderson said that since its completion in May, the wetland was rapidly becoming home to increasing numbers of wildlife.  “Recent surveys have noted 31 species of birds, including ducks, eagles, powerful owls, parrots, finches and blue fairy wrens,” she said.

“Unusual native animals including swamp wallabies, echidnas, lace monitors, pythons and green tree snakes have been observed, as well as more common ones such as possums, micro bats and frogs.”

The North Turramurra project also involves construction of ten new golf holes to make room for three new sports fields that are planned. Other project milestones already completed are a sewer treatment plant and water storage dam.

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