Safety tips for New Year

Good ways to stay safe and enjoy the fireworks

As we end 2014 and start afresh, here’s a few pointers to keep you safe, so that you can enjoy the New Year Celebrations.

The dawn of a New Year draws the population into the city of Sydney to celebrate its inaugural fireworks show.

Mixing masses of people and spicing the already slightly fricative social dynamic with alcohol and other substances can effect not only your night, but also the nights of others.

It’s highly important to make plans for travel, decide early where you will be spending the night and how much money you will need on such a celebrated evening. If you’re travelling in to the city by train, buy a return ticket as the trains and buses will run all night.

Generally, the city seems very hyped up and expensive to spend New Years Eve, and especially this year – following recent social upheaval and distress. So, stay calm, take your time and keep a smile on your face.

Controlling yourself is key; here are some pointers from a person who has learned many lessons the tough way.

Of high importance is controlling your own behaviour; whether your plans take you into public, or into a friends household. You will remember more, regret less and have less people to apologise to in 2015 if you take your drinks slowly. Yes, blow the froth off a few and unwind but make sure to leave 2014 with a positive impact on people’s time and don’t be the person everyone was laughing at or avoided.

A groups of friends will enhance your enjoyment the evening and there is safety in numbers. Gangs are less likely to pick on groups of revellers of similar numbers, and people don’t get left alone. This is not promoting gangland mentalities, rather looking out for your mates. Pick a group of friends who enjoy the same kind of celebration as you. You won’t want to be chasing around the city after a revved up drunk if you’re more of a quiet character.

Security will be high this year in the city of Sydney. Follow the directions of any security guards or Police Officers. Being able to communicate with security guards and police will greatly benefit your evening out, keep it fine-free and give you the ability to enter clubs, bars, etc. unimpeded.

Crucial to any evening when you have had a drink is your ability to listen to police. They are there to help and keep you safe. If you are drunk and think they are wrong, shut up and do as they say because you are probably the one who is wrong. They are there for your safety and the safety of others.

Never leave your friends alone in public if they are intoxicated as they become vulnerable.

Enjoy yourself and unwind. Make sure you are there with your mates to see out the year and not on your phone checking how everyone else’s year is. Celebrate with your mates.

Enjoy the last few hours of what has been a great 2014.

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