Police and Council disagree over graffiti

Police say graffiti walls don't work

Hornsby Shire Council’s graffiti wall at Cherrybrook.

This week Police and council in Hornsby disagreed over the recent level of graffiti and vandalism in the area.

Hornsby released a statement saying that the costs of vandalism fell by almost half in the most recent financial year. With Hornsby Shire Mayor Steve Russell going on to state “This is partly due to the vigilance of Council staff and the installation of CCTV cameras at a number of key locations,” Mayor Russell said. He went on to say “More than that, however, it is a sign that our young people are taking their responsibilities as citizens seriously. I thank them very much for that.”

However, Police via the Local Area Command at Kuring Gai refuted the reduction making a statement “Those stats are fine for council, but they don’t record public property or businesses in their stats. The recent School holidays (most school holidays actually) saw a dramatic increase in graffiti across the area.”

Further, the police went on to say “The girl guides at Berowra would love to see a reduction in the graffiti they receive, they have been smashed recently. The graffiti criminals are the children usually of local residents.” and concluded with “Also graffiti walls don’t work.”

There were just 67 incidents of vandalism last financial year compared to 99 the year before and 163 three years ago.

The cost of vandalism fell from $40,000 to $21,000 in the past 12 months.

Graffiti is also significantly down, with 398 reported incidents last year compared to 537 the previous year and 649 three years ago.

The cost of removing graffiti dropped from $80,000 to $47,500.

“Of course, any vandalism or graffiti is unacceptable and we would love for those numbers to one day reach zero,” Mayor Russell said “However, in the meantime both Council staff and the community in general deserve a moment of thanks, as we are most certainly moving in the right direction.”


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