Premier League Analysis – Round 4

A lot of rain and not much football

This will be a shortened report analysing the Premier League this week as there were only two matches. Surely, the rain will stop at some point and we can get back to our routines?

Lindfield played Maccabi Northside and we reported on the match here. Maccabi Northside are continuing the giant-killer run with a solid 2:1 win over Lindfield. Next week they are at home to Berowra who have been doing it tough so far this season, so I think Maccabi Northside are in the box seat to win that one as well.

If Maccabi win next week, they have a very real chance of moving in to the top three on the table, although their goal difference will work against them.

Lindfield have now lost two from three only getting the points way back at the beginning of the competition. They have some work to do especially as they will be away to Dalleys next week. Mind you, Dalleys has not been enjoying a stellar season so far.

The other game played on the weekend was Lane Cove versus Willoughby Dalleys. Lane Cove took the honours with a 2:1 win over Dalleys pushing them up two positions in to second place behind West Pymble, but they are a game ahead. Next week, Lane Cove are away to Kissing Point which should prove to be a fast, hard match – something well worth watching.

Dalleys loss gives them two wins and two losses, but they need to stop the rot when they host Lindfield at home next week.

West Pymble330005149
Lane Cove4300167-19
Chatswood Rangers32100100107
Willoughby Dalleys420026516
Maccabi Northside4200248-46
Kissing Point311017434
North Sydney United210017433
Old Barker FC3000319-80

The league table now becomes a bit tricky to review as we have one team having played only two games, most teams having played three games a few teams having played four games. The way things stand, seventh place North Sydney could move to top of the table, if they win their two make-up games and so it’s anybody’s guess.

Willoughby DalleysWinLindfieldLoss
North Sydney UnitedWinChatswood RangersLoss
West PymbleWinOld Barker FCLoss
Maccabi NorthsideLossBerowraWin
Kissing PointWinLane CoveLoss

I think Dalleys will just edge out Lindfield at home next week. The ground is a bit of a cauldron and Dalleys respond well to the atmosphere.

I don’t predict draws as they are really quite rare, but these guys are so similar in style ability and points that I think this one could be a draw.

West Pymble will beat Old Barker FC. I’d like to see Barker get in to the winners circle, but I don’t think it is going to be this week.

Maccabi have a very real chance of beating Berowra, but I think Berowra’s style of football will make them a handful to control and that should deliver the points to them this week.

Kissing Point are a good side, just struggling a bit to find their voice this season. I think they will do well at home against Lane Cove and win the points.

Don’t think I’m right? Well, what are your predictions?

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