Premier League Analysis – Round 7

A real mixed-bag of results...

Okay NSFA Premier League, what happened over the weekend? On paper, based on past performance, the results should have been a whole lot different.

Let’s take a look;

Willoughby Dalleys1Berowra3
North Sydney United5Lane Cove2
West Pymble0Kissing Point2
Maccabi Northside0Old Barker FC5
Lindfield3Chatswood Rangers0

Old Barker thumped Maccabi Northside 5:0 away from home. This is the first win of the season for Old Barker and hopefully it shakes-off the hoodoo of being dead last. The win does not move Barker up the table, but it proves that they can move up the table.

Maccabi’s loss leaves them in ninth place, but the big deal is goal difference. Maccabi are currently sitting at -14 goal difference (goals scored less goals let in) whereas Barker are at -13 having scored more goals for themselves than Maccabi. So, another win for Barker would see them move above Maccabi Northside.

At the top of the league, the derby between West Pymble and Kissing Point saw Kissing Point grab a 2:0 win and top spot on the ladder. Kissing Point are a super-fit, well-drilled team and are looking promising to go all the way this season.

That is not to take anything from West Pymble. They have played six and now they have won five. However, they have played one less game than Kissing Point, so another win on their catch-up matches will see West Pymble return to the top of the league.

North Sydney beat Lane Cove 5:2. Lane Cove were doing well earlier in the season, but three losses in succession have really hurt them as they slide to seventh on the ladder.

North Sydney are having another good season with another win. They lost their first match this year, but have won everything else. This is another team to watch (in my opinion) as the season unfolds. North Sydney still have two matches to catch-up and wins in both could see them move to the top of the league.

Willoughby Dalleys lost to Berowra 3:1. The misery for Dalleys continues. They won their first two matches but have lost the next five in a row. That keeps Dalleys at the bottom of table in position eight, only ahead of Maccabi on goal difference.

Berowra are doing quite nicely having won their last three matches in a row. They lost their first three matches, so winning three and losing three puts them in the middle of the table with Lane Cove below and Lindfield above on goal difference.

Lindfield beat Chatswood Rangers 3:0. This would have been a good match to watch as they are two quality sides. Lindfield’s win sees them switch places with Lane Cove on the table.

Chatswood Ranger’s loss is of little consequence and they remain at fourth spot on the ladder.

Kissing Point7501125716
West Pymble6500110415
North Sydney United5400119712
Chatswood Rangers6301214810
Lane Cove7300410179
Willoughby Dalleys720057176
Maccabi Northside720057216
Old Barker FC710069223

So what’s going to happen next week? After last week’s mixed bag of results, I’m a bit gun-shy about making predictions, but here we go;

Willoughby DalleysLossWest PymbleWin
Kissing PointWinNorth SydneyLoss
Lane CoveLossMaccabi NorthsideWin
Old Barker FCLossLindfield FCWin
Chatswood RangersWinBerowraLoss

West Pymble should beat Dalleys at home. West Pymble are an in-form team and Dalleys are doing it tough. Unless Dalleys come up with a new formula, I can’t see them beating West Pymble.

Kissing Point take on North Sydney at home. This should be a good match. Both sides have the ability to go all the way this season and I’m sure they will want to prove it to each other on Saturday. I can’t predict a draw, so I would have to say Kissing Point will win. Just.

Lane Cove host Maccabi Northside on Blackman Oval. On paper, Lane Cove should win this match, but they’ll have to break a three-loss losing streak at the same time. Maccabi Northside have the ability to beat teams of Lane Cove’s quality and I think they might just get this one.

Old Barker host Lindfield on Golden Jubilee. Both teams are coming off wins last week and that’s a really big deal for Barker, but I think Lindfield will come up with the goods and grab the points.

Chatswood Rangers host Berowra at Castle Cove. I think this will be another good, solid game; lots of shoulders, lots of running, lots of pushing and shoving. Exactly as a good game of soccer should be! Both teams have won three from three and this will be a tight contest, but I think Chatswood should take the points at home.

Don’t think I’m right? What are your predictions?

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