Premier League Analysis – Round 8

Another good round of football

So, how did your team go over the weekend? I got a few predictions right, got a couple wrong.

Old Barker0Lindfield2
Lane Cove6Maccabi Northside0
Kissing Point3North Sydney United3
West Pymble2Willoughby Dalleys1
Chatswood Rangers0Berowra3

West Pymble hosted Willoughby Dalleys at Norm Griffiths. We reported on the match here. It was a good, hard game and almost ended in a draw but West Pymble walked away with another win. That win and Kissing Point’s draw, moves West Pymble back to the top of the table with a game in hand.

Willoughby Dalleys loss leaves them unchanged in eigth place. Dalleys are on the same number of points as Maccabi Northside, but comfortably ahead on goal difference.

Maccabi Northside were thumped by Lane Cove 6:0. Lane Cove broke their three match drought in a big way with this six goal haul and that means they move up one position to sixth.

Maccabi Northside remain unchanged in ninth place, but they now have a -20 goal difference due to two significant losses in a row.

Kissing Point drew with North Sydney 3:3. Last week I’d said this might be a draw and a six goal match would have been a thriller. Kissing Point’s draw gives them one point and sees them move from first to second place on the table. Kissing Point are only four points clear of North Sydney but have played two more games, so North Sydney could move to second place if they win their two catch-up games.

Old Barker lost to Lindfield 2:0. Old Barker remain at the bottom of the table but are in touch with Maccabi Northside and Dalleys. If they win next week and Maccabi and Dalleys lose, Barker could leapfrog both teams.

Lindfield are the quiet achievers, moving from fifth to fourth on the table and a game in hand. If they win their catch-up game, they could move up to third on the table, but North Sydney would have to lose both of their catch-up games.

Berowra beat Chatswood Rangers 3:0 away from home. I’ll bet the match was a good, fast game as both sides are immensely fit this season. Chatswood’s loss sees them move from forth to seventh on the table. This is because there was a log-jam of teams on 9 or 10 points and all teams on nine points won their matches.

Berowra’s win sees them move from sixth to fifth position behind Lindfield on goal difference.

West Pymble7600112518
Kissing Point85111281017
North Sydney United64101221013
Lane Cove84004161712
Chatswood Rangers73013141110
Willoughby Dalleys820068196
Maccabi Northside820067276
Old Barker FC810079243

So what’s going to happen next week? There’s a lot of football over the long weekend.

Mid week North Sydney play a catch-up match with Lindfield. This should be a good match with two quality sides under lights. Again, another match I’d like to call a draw but I suspect North Sydney will just edge Lindfield.

Maccabi Northside play Kissing Point on Bert Oldfield. Kissing Point are on fire this season and unlikely to let Maccabi Northside beat them, even if they are at home.

Chatswood Rangers play Willoughby Dalleys. I’d like to see Dalleys win this one, just to liven things up in the mid-table, but Chatswood have more form this season so should take the honours.

North Sydney against West Pymble will be an interesting match. North Sydney are a well-organised, disciplined team. West Pymble are top of the table – enough said. Either side could win this, so I’ll predict the home team, North Sydney.

Berowra versus Barker. Two teams from the north. Berowra are hard, assertive. Barker are lightning fast. I think Berowra will take the honours here.

Lindfield versus Lane Cove. Lindfield are at home and consistently moving up the table. Lane Cove are coming off a big win. I think Lindfield should take the honours here.

Long weekend Monday. Rangers play Pymble. This is will be a good second match for both teams over the weekend. I think Chatswood have done a lot of fitness work in the off-season, so should win this one.

Berowra versus North Sydney. This should be an excellent match. Discipline versus strength. Statistically, North Sydney should take the honours, but this is their third game over the weekend, so I think Berowra will win.

North Sydney UnitedWinLindfieldLoss
Maccabi NorthsideLossKissing PointWin
Chatswood RangersWinWilloughby DalleysLoss
North Sydney UnitedWinWest PymbleLoss
BerowraWinOld BarkerLoss
LindfieldWinLane CoveLoss
Chatswood RangersWinWest PymbleLoss
BerowraWinNorth Sydney UnitedLoss


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