Premier League Analysis

Two thirds of the way through the season

Two thirds of the way through the season and things are starting to hot-up in the Premier League.

There are six games to go for all teams plus a catch-up match for eight out of ten teams right at the end of August. Technically, at this stage, any team in the league could win the competition, but there are a few at the top that are starting push themselves clear of the madding crowd.

At the other end of the table, Maccabi Northside and Old Barker have won a few this season and so it is no certainty who is going to grab the wooden spoon. I think the bottom end of the table could be as surprising as the top.

Maccabi Northside have hit the bottom of the table this week as they have lost six of their last seven matches. They did draw two weeks ago against West Pymble, so they do have the capability to come up with the goods on the day. This week they host Lindfield on Bert Oldfield which should be a good match.

Old Barker FC have managed to move off the bottom of the table for the first time this season thanks to their win last week over Lane Cove. That’s two wins in a row, so maybe they’re starting to turn the corner? This week they meet Kissing Point but they’re playing on Barker’s Rosewood Oval in their “Back to Barker” weekend.

Willoughby Dalleys won last week which follows a draw from the week before and that keeps them from falling any further on the table. This week they’re at home to Lane Cove. Last time they met, Lane Cove won 2:1, this week Dalleys could come up with the goods.

Lane Cove have been having a tough time recently, losing three of their last four matches. This week they are away to Dalleys who are one spot below them on the table, however, they are five points clear. If Lane Cove win, and they can win, they could leapfrog Berowra and move up beside North Sydney although they are a long way back on goal difference.

Berowra were having a stellar season, winning five matches in a row, but they have lost their last three which has seen them slide from equal with Lindfield on the table to below North Sydney. They have had as many goals scored against them as they have scored, so a win this week against North Sydney will still see them lag North Sydney on goal difference.

North Sydney have lost their last two matches, whereas they had won or drawn the eight matches preceding. Therefore, they have a solid goal difference of +11 and a win this week will see them jump one place from fifth to fourth.

Chatswood Rangers have won their last two matches but this week they play league leaders West Pymble, so they’re going to need to work hard to maintain fourth spot.

Lindfield have won five out of the last six matches and are relentlessly moving up the table. A good win last weekend over North Sydney has seen them move clear of North Sydney and Chatswood and in to the top three. This week they play Maccabi Northside and a win could see them grab second spot.

Kissing Point lost last week and that’s their first loss since round 1. This week they play Old Barker at Barker College which they should win, but Old Barker are at their spiritual home and on a bit of a winning streak.

West Pymble is having a brilliant season, winning again last week. They have only lost one match so far this season and I doubt they’ll lose when they host Chatswood at home.

So, who do you think will win the league? Any of the top five teams has the ability to win the league this season, so long as they can keep their players fit and off the injury lists. I still think there is enough time left for a few surprises, but time is running out for some…

This week, here are my predictions:

North Sydney UnitedLossBerowraWin
West PymbleLossChatswood RangersWin
Maccabi NorthsideLossLindfieldWin
Kissing PointLossOld Barker FCWin
Willoughby DalleysLossLane CoveWin
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