Premier League – Round 3 Analysis and Predictions

After a couple of rounds of NSFA Premier League competition, it’s worth taking a look at who’s who, how well they’re going and make some predictions for the next round.

West Pymble

The Premier League Champions from last year are currently top of the table. Equal on points with Old Barker, but ahead on goal difference. This week they’re away to Lane Cove who are currently mid-table. West Pymble have the goods to win this one, but away to Lane Cove will be no walk in the park for them. They will have to bring their “A” game, if they want to stand a chance.

Old Barker FC

Old Barker are currently second on the table. Who’d have thought we’d be saying that, after their tricky start last year? A side that is on the “up” and has youth and fitness on its side. Old Barker are away to Kissing Point this week. Kissing Point really needs to get their season started and will be fighting for a win. Should be a good match to watch.

Chatswood Rangers

Chatswood had an “okay” season last year. Not too bad, not brilliant. This year it has started the same way with a win and a scoreless draw. Chatswood are away to Lindfield this week and I have a feeling Charles Bean is going to become a bit of a fortress to an in-form Lindfield.

Lane Cove

Lane Cove have had a mixed start to the season, beating Knox 4:2 but going down to North Sydney 3:2 away from home last week. This week they host league leaders West Pymble and they have the goods to win this one, or keep the rampant West Pymble boys at bay for quite a while. Purley based on the statistics this year, they have a tough match on their hands and I would have to give the nod to West Pymble, but Lane Cove are in with a shout.


Berowra have played the two school teams Knox and Barker, winning one and going down 2:1 to the other. This week they’re at home to North Sydney and playing under lights, which always draws a decent crowd. I believe home ground advantage will help here and think Berowra can win this one.


FFA duties are complete for 2016 and Lindfield can concentrate on Premier League. I have watched a couple of FFA matches with Lindfield and they are looking super-fit for such an early point in the season. Playing Chatswood Rangers at home, if they have a full squad on the day, they will win this one.

North Sydney United

North Sydney squeezed a win over Lane Cove but were thumped by West Pymble so they’re a tricky side to predict. Playing Berowra under lights on Saturday evening is not going to be an easy task for North Sydney. I think they’re going to find this one tough.


I’ve seen their NPL2 team play The Northern Tigers earlier this year, but I have not seen the Premier League boys. Looking at their scores so far with a 4:4 draw with Chatswood and 1:0 loss to Old Barker they are hard to predict against Knox United at 5:00pm on Saturday. However, I have seen Knox play two years ago and I think they’re a team with potential. For me, I’d have to flip a coin to decide which one to predict and it comes down tails: Knox United to win.

Knox United

Good to see the boys from Wahroonga back with the big men. Looking forward to shooting some great photos! Knox lost 4:2 to Lane Cove and were just edged out by Berowra 2:1 last week, so they have potential and Northbridge should be an easier match.

Kissing Point

Who’d have thought Kissing Point would be bumping along at the bottom of the table? Clearly, I missed the memo. Kissing Point were beaten squarely by Lindfield in round 1, but were only just edged out last week by Chatswood Rangers. This week they host Old Barker and it really is anyone’s game. However, looking at the performance so far this season, my money is on Old Barker.

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